• Dornbirn - Culinary Insider Tips - Dezember 2015
  • Dornbirn - Culinary Insider Tips - Dezember 2015
  • Dornbirn - Culinary Insider Tips - Dezember 2015
  • Dornbirn - Culinary Insider Tips - Dezember 2015
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8 Culinary Insider Tips: Dornbirn – where to eat in the “Ländle” Vorarlberg

The central location at the intersection with Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein makes Vorarlberg, Austria’s westernmost state, an extremely desirable destination for meetings and conferences as well as for business. Dornbirn, the most populous city in the state, holds an important position with modern event centres, plenty of recreational opportunities, lots of green space in and around the city, a fantastic arts and cultural offer, varied shopping possibilities and top restaurants. We had a look around!

1. Rotes Haus

A city landmark dating to the year 1639, the “Red House” is famed for its outstanding cuisine and excellent wine list. An absolute must on sunny days is the outdoor seating on the market square. Am Marktplatz 13,www.roteshaus.at

Dornbirn - Culinary Insider Tips - Dezember 2015
An idyllic place to eat – Rotes Haus

2. Gemsle

Manfred Leitner sees his down-to-earth inn as traditional and original, serving hearty and creative dishes in the cosy rooms and rustic wine cellar. Marktstraße 62, www.gemsle.at

3. Innauer

This sophisticated hot spot run by Sigi Innauer, a gastronomic pioneer, is restaurant, bar and club all in one. With creative cuisine, bar music, a large drinks selection and an inspiring atmosphere. Marktstraße 33,www.innauer.com

4. Elfenküche

“Liquid happiness” is what Ulli Natter calls her soup creations. Country cooking with a modern twist, delicious dishes filled in glass jars to take home or enjoy in the small restaurant. Bahnhofstraße 16,www.elfenkueche.at

5. Mr. French

New on the restaurant scene but already a popular hangout spot: Mr. French, Dornbirn’s first bistro, offers baguettes in all sorts of different variations as well as salads, burgers and steaks. Plus a large selection of beer, gin and whisk(e)y. Am Marktplatz 10, www.mrfrench.at

Even the famous Viennese Coffee Culture found a way to Dornbirn – far away from the capital city with its famous Cafés the Austrian west has some freshly roasted surprises in petto.

6. Kaffeebohne

This roasting house with coffee bar offers a wide range of specialty coffees and dark chocolate plus all sorts of accessories for these fragrant products. Marktstraße 41, www.kaffeebohne.co.at

7. 21 Café & Mehr

This place in the heart of Dornbirn will treat you to an enormous culinary diversity: from breakfast to coffee specialties and smoothies to fish and steaks. Marktstraße 21, www.zeitgenuss.at

8. Cafesito

Cafesito, which translates to “small coffee”, is a little coffee shop with top quality products in an atmosphere that passionate coffee drinkers will love. Eisengasse 3, www.cafesito.at

What are you waiting for? The „Ländle“ is well worth a visit!

I am your local host and happy to deliver you personally hidden secrets.

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