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5 facts about #Hypezig (Leipzig)

Fun trivia to go – 5 facts about #Hypezig (Leipzig)

The best part of any city trip are those fantastic experiences that become lifelong memories. Especially memorable are unplanned occurrences, for example when someone suddenly falls into the river (which can happen a lot faster than you think!) But how do you tell the whole story without knowing which river it was? In Leipzig, after all, there are three!


Here is some more expert knowledge and insider trivia to impress your friends, plus some whimsical facts to pepper up your tale when you talk about your city break in Leipzig:

  1. Leipzig is #hypezig: The hype about Leipzig is unbroken and the city may even have surpassed Berlin for the title of “hypster paradise”. Leipzig is full of start-ups and students, it is alternative and yet extremely highbrow culture-wise. The architecturally magnificent buildings are the stuff of dreams! But we don’t want to go completely into raptures here. 😊
©Patrick Baum/Unsplash
  1. Leipzig is surrounded by water, lying at the confluence of three different rivers: Parthe, Pleisse and White Elster. Besides these large rivers, there also are many smaller rivers and canals in and around the city. Here’s a fun fact: Leipzig has more bridges than Venice: 457 vs. 435!
  1. Riding the trams in Leipzig is an experience in itself, comparable to the famous “Bims” of Vienna. The old “Tatras” are special trams from GDR times and a good reason for taking the public transport in Leipzig. The Tatras are full of nostalgic flair: they squeak and creak and their gaudy yellow colour immediately catches the eye – much to the annoyance of the locals. They’re not really fans of the old trams.
  1. The Porsche headquarters, as many will know, are in Stuttgart. And sportscar fanatics flock to the Porsche Museum there. But there’s something just as exciting waiting to be discovered in Leipzig: the Porsche Factory! Here you can learn more about how the sportscars are made – and you can even experience the feeling of going from 0 to 100 in just a few seconds.
  1. And finally, a little piece of advice. Some city rivalries are hard to understand – at least for outsiders. But there they are: Barcelona vs. Madrid. Manchester vs. Liverpool. Berlin vs. Munich. Or, where I’m from: Frankfurt vs. Offenbach. The size of a city is often not the important thing, what matters is the people’s love for their hometown. So here’s my advice: When you’re in Leipzig, don’t start a discussion about whether Dresden might not be just as nice a city. I guarantee you will lose! 😉


And at least a number 6, a new hotel tip from our side: we’re opening a new Vienna House Easy in Leipzig soon! It’s really close to the railway station/the city centre! More information on our website.


STAY | Vienna House Easy Leipzig


Easy_Leipzig_Restaurant-April 2018
©Vienna International Hotelmanagement AG / Presse

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