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2019: The Year of Alternative Experiences in the Czech Republic

In 2019 the Czech Republic invites visitors to celebrate the year of alternative cities and experiences. From Europe’s oldest spa to 12 UNESCO heritage sites and a booming microbrewing scene, the Czech Republic has something for everyone. Discover something different in 2019 and explore an array of unique experiences in “The Land of Stories”.


Discover a different side to Prague: Art District 7

Whilst most people are familiar with the stunning architecture of the old town or the secluded beauty around the Vilava River, many are less familiar with Prague’s bohemian quarter. Unmask the up and coming art scene in Art District 7, the city’s trendy art and culture capital.




This diverse area is pulsating with galleries, museums, theatres, cafés, restaurants, music clubs, creative studios and hybrid cultural spaces. Buzzing with quirky side streets and like-minded creative people, experience an alternative side to Prague in 2019, all just a few short metro stations from the city centre.


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Cleanse your mind, body and soul in the Czech Republic’s largest spa town

The Czech Republic’s largest spa town uses spa treatments that date back an incredible 650 years. Hidden in the lovely valleys of the Teplá and Ohře rivers, this idyllic town is the essence of peace. With the highest concentration of curative mineral hot springs of anywhere on the planet, take a little time for yourself in 2019 and cleanse your mind, body and soul in Karlovy Vary.




At Vienna House Dvořák Karlovy Vary guests can experience their own tailored individual spa treatment and diet programme. Take a peaceful stroll through the pristine landscape nearby, explore Soos National Nature Reserve or learn the secret production techniques of the “thirteenth spring”, the world-famous Becherovka liqueur. This joyful city is the perfect 2019 alternative get away for the whole family.


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Visit the home of Pilsner and uncover the booming microbrewery scene

In the Czech Republic, the birthplace of Pilsner lager, beer is referred to as “liquid bread”. In recent years, there has been a growing number of small and family breweries supplementing traditional brands; one could say that the Czech Republic is experiencing a boom in microbreweries.


CzechPivo 9441 D pùllitry


Although many people visit the world-famous Pilsner Urquell Brewery in Pilsen, many are still unaware of the rapidly growing microbrewery scene. Purkmistr Brewery is the second largest brewery in Pilsen, producing 1,650 hectolitres of beer annually and offering other attractions such as tours and even a beer spa. However the highlight is the annual microbrewery festival, Sun in a Glass. Combining the best of Czech beer, food and entertainment this festival features 150 kinds of beer from more than 50 domestic and foreign breweries, all brought together in one stunning 17th Century farmyard. This is a truly authentic and different Czech experience.


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