• 2015 in Review - Top 10 articles - January 2016
  • 2015 in Review - Top 10 articles - January 2016
  • 2015 in Review - Top 10 articles - January 2016
  • 2015 in Review - Top 10 articles - January 2016
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2015 Year in Review – Top 10 blog articles of the past twelve months

2015 was an exciting year for VI Hotels and for our destinations – something that we can also see reflected here in our blog: Culinary insider tips from the 2015 European Capital of Culture. Two Frenchmen cycling all the way to New Zealand on bamboo bikes to spread the message of the importance of clean drinking water. An interview with our CEO. And details about our upcoming rebranding. There certainly was a lot going on in 2015! Of course, we slipped in a few delicious treats into our blog posts, too. Here’s a chance for you to catch up on the past year with our 10 favourites. Happy reading!

10. Pilsen insider tips: European Capital of Culture 2015

The new year got off to an especially exciting start for our colleagues in Pilsen: together with Mons in Belgium, their city was chosen 2015’s European Capital of Culture. To celebrate this distinction, we provided our readers with a list of interesting insider tips about this Czech destination – which, since last year at the latest, is no longer such an insider tip after all.

2015 in Review - Top 10 articles - January 2016
European Capital of Culture 2015 – Pilsen

9. Face to face: Rupert Simoner, CEO of VI Hotels & Resorts

Rupert Simoner was the first in a series of face-to-face interview partners. The personal chat with our CEO was followed by interviews with a variety of department heads at the Corporate Office in Vienna. Besides sharing with us their professional experience and career highlights, they also found time for personal anecdotes from their private lives.

8. Gourmets riding the street food wave – New eats in Berlin

There’s actually not much more to add. A special blog treat last year were the contributions from the members of the staff at the VI hotels. An example is this list of culinary insider tips from the foodie paradise of Berlin. Bon appétit!

7. Dish of the month: Wild garlic and lemon cup cakes with fried asparagus and rhubarb-blueberry chutney

In addition to market and restaurant tips, the hotel colleagues also treated us to some delicious recipes and kitchen secrets to try at home. The culinary staff in Munich celebrated the start of asparagus season with this exceptional recipe on 28 April. Yummy!

6. Cycle for Water around the World and VI Hotels

In August, we introduced you to Theo and Simon, two courageous Frenchmen on their way to New Zealand – on a pair of bamboo bikes! Their trip is all about raising awareness for the importance of clean drinking water. Along the way, they stayed at some VI hotels and even paid a visit to the Corporate Office in Vienna. We’re keeping our readers up to date with their progress – after all, Theo and Simon are still on the road. But they’re getting closer to their goal and should reach New Zealand in the summer of 2016!

2015 in Review - Top 10 articles - January 2016
Two men, two bicyles – Cycle for Water

5. Romania Inside: Adorable Romanian Wines

Who would have thought that Romania is a paradise for wine lovers? Our Dutch colleague Maarten C. Nieuwenhuize travelled the country for us and found himself enchanted by Romania’s versatile red wines, above all the fruity Floare de Luna from Halewood Winery.

4. Top 5 Small German Cities for Explorers

Off the beaten track of Germany’s large tourist destinations, a number of idyllic, lesser known towns are waiting to be discovered all over the country. In September, we presented readers with our personal Top 5: Amberg, Coburg, Günzburg, Landsberg and Limburg.

3. Dish of the month: Wild boar ragout

Here’s another recipe that made it into the Top 10. This delicacy was prepared by Rafał Pacoń, chef de cuisine at angelo Hotel Katowice, as just the right thing to warm us up during the cool month of November! Game and autumn: two things that go well together!

2015 in Review - Top 10 articles - January 2016
Culinary delicacies from Poland

2. Culinary insider tips: on a journey of tastes in Paris

Not to worry: we haven’t forgotten about Paris. Because Paris isn’t just the city of love, it also is the city of gourmet food. Where else can you indulge yourself so wonderfully in haute cuisine than in the French capital? You already know the answer: nowhere!

2015 in Review - Top 10 articles - January 2016
Paris – the City of Love and gourmet food

1. Top 5 Insider Infos: VI Hotels becomes Vienna House

Of course, the upcoming rebranding was a big issue in the blog, too. In October, we presented some of the most important facts about the new brand world. One thing’s for sure already: the Vienna House family is looking forward to a new year full of new things!

And it looks like 2016 will become even more exciting not just for us but for our readers as well: in February, the blog will present itself in the new Vienna House design. So stay tuned…

I am your local host and happy to deliver you personally hidden secrets.

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