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10 tips for travelling with children

Travelling with kids is an adventure. An adventure that requires some preparation, but one you don’t want to miss. To help keep the holiday planning as simple as possible, Vienna House has put together these 10 practical tips for travelling with the little ones.

Kids - March 2017 - two

Tip #1: Everyone is part of the family

Everyone is a full-fledged member of the family and the kids should be included in the travel planning. Important is to explain to them what they can expect. Answer any questions they might have about the destination, what you plan to do once you’re there and what’s different about the country of choice. That will get them interested and excited – and will help make things seem more familiar upon arrival.


Tip #2: Familiar faces in new surroundings…

Children are creatures of habit. To help them deal with a new situation and an unfamiliar environment, it’s a good idea to take along something familiar. That favourite stuffed animal can really work wonders sometimes.

Kids - March 2017 - Paint

Tip #3: Are we there yet?

There’s no need to fear long drives in the family car. Just a few simple tricks and you’re good to go. The most important thing is to maintain the children’s natural rhythm. That means: eat, sleep and take breaks at the usual times. Also, try not to leave during rush hour or at the same time as everyone else so you don’t get stuck in traffic. If the trip will take a bit longer, the following apps can help keep kids in the mood:
Nighty Night: In case your trip lasts into the night, this app will be perfect when it’s time to go to sleep. With an interactive story about an evening on the farm.

Are we there yet?: A travel companion for kids in the backseat with an animal alphabet that corresponds to distance left in your trip.

Audio books also help the time fly by – and can provide plenty of material for discussion.

Tip #4: Up, up, and away

If you’re flying to your holiday destination, think safety first. Many airlines offer special children’s seats. To help compensate for the pressure change during take-off and landing, it helps to have some chewing gum or a piece of bread to chew on.


Tip #5: Planning a holiday not only with but also for the little ones

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, it’s time to start planning the daily programme of events. The days shouldn’t be too long and should include activities especially for kids. Maybe a short visit to the playground?

Kids - March 2017 - bubble

Tip #6: Travelling and learning

A good way to get to know a new city is on a guided tour. Many places also offer tours especially for kids. Then the fun is guaranteed.
An examples: www.regiondo.com/city/de/munich/guided-tours-for-kids.html


Tip #7: Fun for young and old

Kids want to be entertained. That happens all by itself if you choose a destination that promises fun for young and old. How about a holiday at an amusement park like Disneyland Paris or Legoland?


Tip #8: For those little aches and pains

At home or on the road, kids can hurt themselves or get sick. To avoid unnecessary stress in a stressful situation, it’s a good idea to think about the most important medication in advance (pain reliever, cough syrup, cold and fever medicine). A very practical app is the Red Cross first aid app.


Tip #9: Keep cool

Kids are very sensitive and quick to realise when something’s not right. Try to stay calm whatever the situation. If everything’s okay for you, then the kids will feel at ease too.

Kids - March 2017 - water

Tip #10: Everyone is different

We’re saving the most important tip for last: When it comes to travelling with kids, the adage that one size fits all does not apply. Every child is different and has different needs. Observe your children in their new surroundings so you can respond appropriately.

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