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10 things about Californian culture

Stunning mountain ranges and vast deserts. Magical forests with the highest trees in the world and the iconic American dream cities – Los Angeles and San Francisco – plus the Pacific with its fabulous beaches. This is California. Surfers’ mecca and amazing laid-back atmosphere whichshows the culture of fascinating colours. That culture is full of diversity, activity, creative energy and delight in the taste of life – passions, trends and cuisine. We present 10 most characteristic expressions of the culture of California.
Note! They are tempting and might be addictive!


1. Cultural melting pot
California is one of the most ethnically diverse states in the USA. The deep roots of many nationalities make up the unique mosaic of the culinary arts, architecture, customs, trends and artistic styles. The identities resounding in many different ways together form an exceptional culture of California based on openness and tolerance.


2. Freedom and ease
Living everyday life to the fullest, savouring the beauty of views and sea breezes, enjoying a sense of freedom and ease – on paradise beaches, in quaint coastal pubs, in the remote Californian locations with stunning nature orat work. The third largest State in the USA is famous for its creative industry. It has a reason why California and its culture are associated with a strong sense of individuality, life in accordance with own beliefs, liberal approach to politics, economics and social sphere.


3. Abundance of flavours
California combines American, Mexican, Mediterranean and Asian cuisine plus the trend for a healthy lifestyle and food with strong accent of seasonality. What many people don’t know: there are also fine local wines. It is a real paradise for gourmets who can choose from a wide variety of flavours and ways of feasting – as the joy of dining together is as important as the cuisine specialties.


You find flavours of Californian cuisine and the spirit of Californian lifestyle in the new Mavericks Cracow restaurant. Taste it!


4. Food trucks
A vegan place, luxury restaurant or maybe a sandwich on the way? The characteristic theme of the culinary arts of the West Coast are not only exquisite dishes, combining the influence of different continents, but also popular food trucks. They are great for snacks on the run, on the beach and in the streets. They are present both in large metropolitan areas and small tourist towns.


5. Surfing
The breathtaking scenery of the West Coast features sharp rocky cliffs, foaming turquoise waves of the Pacific, wide bays and stunning beaches. Not only do they attract millions of tourists, but also, first and foremost, great numbers of surfers. The intensity on the waves fits perfectly in the liberation spirit of California. Relaxing on the beach, adrenaline, search for harmony with the ocean plus the unique fashion, music and lifestyle make up the surfing lifestyle we all know well – and love.

And the winds blowing over the Pacific Ocean provide excellent conditions for the enthusiasts of extreme water sports. Mavericks is one of such places – the mecca of surfers where the waves can reach up to 24 m. This is the reason why the Mavericks Cracow restaurant, opened in May 2018 in Krakow city centre, is named Mavericks – because no other place shows the Californian culture in that way.


6. Artistic atmosphere
The spirit of California is also visible in street art, murals, vibrant centres of contemporary art and great numbers of galleries and artists of various disciplines. The result is a mixture of trends, bohemianism, a unique artistic climate.


7. Music and celebrities

Los Angeles, a city in California, is considered the creative capital of the world and the centre of the film and entertainment industry. However, the “city of Angels” is not only a home of Hollywood stars. California is a great legend of the rock music scene. It is the birthplace of several famous bands, such as “The Doors”, “The Eagles” or “Guns N’ Roses”. Alternative sounds and restless spirit of rebels have become an important part of the culture of California.


8. Vast wilderness
Wild nature of the West Coast features heavenly beaches, mountain ranges and stunning forests, but also endless, desolate deserts with the famous Death Valley. These are stunning and often dangerous places enticing those who love to live in harmony with nature as well as the outsiders who want to escape the rush of big cities.


9. Hippies, hipsters, community
Loved by hippies in the past, the favorite place of hipsters in the present: In California you can find a cultural mixture of creative and alternative circles as well as the strong need for commonality.
The culture stands for the openness to other people, sharing time, relaxation, eating. It’s the joy of life and social interaction.


10. Healthy lifestyle
The active, healthy and eco-friendly way of life as well as fresh fruit and vegetables are extremely popular on the West Coast. The lifestyle based on smart nutrition is an important part of the local culture. This stems from various motivations which are just as diverse as California itself.
California is a fabulous place where you just want to live and treat everyday life consciously, by celebrating the meal, indulging in a passion, enjoying the surroundings.

And it is really hard not to get carried away on the wave of the Californian freedom and commonality, right?



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