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Your holiday pics on Instagram – 5 apps

Smartphones have become a fundamental part of our lives. We use them to like, follow, chat… and capture memories through photographs. Smartphones are a constant companion – and should definitely not be left at home when you go on holiday. Thanks to continual improvements, today’s smartphones can easily compete with digital cameras with a wealth of apps that allow us to edit images right then and there. Here’s a list of the best editing tools and assistants for an even better-looking Instagram feed:

Apps - November 2017 - 3

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Snapseed is a great app for editing photos with lots of functions to choose from. The ones you will use most often will probably be Tune Image (brightness, contrast, warmth, etc.) and Selective (which allows you to edit selected areas of the photograph).



This app is an excellent allrounder with all the usual adjustments like brightness, contrast, warmth, saturation, etc. But it also offers special light effects, loads of different frames and mirror options.



VSCO has all the regular editing tools like Snapseed and Afterlight, but what makes this app special are its wonderful filters. As the filters can degrade the quality of the image, they are best applied post-editing.



Facetune, as the name suggests, is an app to retouch your portraits and selfies. So that the photos don’t seem too unnatural, however, you should stick to touching up spots and pimples or use the white tool to whiten dark parts.



This app is especially good for planning your Instagram feed. Just upload, insert and arrange. Your pictures will always fit perfectly together.

Apps - November 2017 - 5

So, come on! Take those pics and get to work!

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