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Where Berliners go for breakfast, brunch, lunch… or whatever!

Here we are again. That same question: “What shall we do this weekend?” A question we’re all familiar with. And yet so easy to answer. Why not meet for breakfast, brunch, lunch or whatever you want to call it, for a cosy get-together with friends or family on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Feasting your way into the day is in – and so the all-day breakfast becomes a place where night owls meet early birds and breakfast junkies come across foodies and gourmets.


Berlin is street food city, vegan capital, burger metropolis and now: breakfast & brunch paradise. Think brunch is as boring as bread? Think again! Berlin has a sheer endless list of exciting places for breakfast and brunch.


I’ve picked out my top 6 for you, among them a little gem with real motherly love.


Café Anna Blume – A sweet breakfast

Café Anna Blume is a lovely little place right on Kollwitzplatz. This is a ma-and-pa locale full of breakfast classics and flowers, open daily from 8 a.m. Lovestruck couples will love the Anna Blume breakfast trolley to sweeten up the morning with the most fantastic delicacies, like salmon, scrambled eggs, cheesecakes and (vegetarian!) antipasti. In the summer, the unbelievably delicious cakes taste even better outside under the Berlin sun.


Address: Kollwitzstraße 83, 10435 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

Kollwitzplatz_Copyright visitBerlin

Kollwitzplatz_Copyright visitBerlin

Tauro – Three floors of exquisite food

A Sunday morning spent at Tauro in Prenzlauer Berg offers a seductive brunch experience with garden terrace and lavish decor. On the ground floor, a delicatessen. In the middle, the Spanish restaurant Tauro Iberico with classics like tapas, seafood and paella. And on top of it all, Tauro Angus serving up pickled and smoked fish, fresh omelettes, homemade bread, savoury cheese and salamis, fresh fruit and grilled vegetables. Don’t forget the crêpe station and chocolate fountain as a sweet finish to a successful brunch experience.


Address: Schönhauser Allee 176, 10119 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg


Skykitchen – Lunch like mother makes it

Every Sunday, Edeltraud Koppe, the mother of Berlin’s youngest award-winning chef Alexander Koppe, cooks up and dishes out good honest Berlin-style home cooking with starstruck feeling and motherly love. Skykitchen is a real alternative to the boring scrambled egg breakfast and it comes with a large dose of life experience. Besides buffet specialities like the meat platter from Landhof Rahlf, fish from the Baltic coast or Bavarian Allgäu cheese, the list of fantastic classics also includes sweet dishes like creamy rice pudding, homemade Quarkbällchen (fried donut holes) with vanilla sauce and rhubarb with strawberries. The best thing: the intimate atmosphere with spectacular views over all of Berlin accompanied by hearty dishes made personally by Mama Koppe like Königsberger Klopse (meatballs in a white sauce) with capers, mashed potatoes and red beet. All regional, of course.


Address: andel’s by Vienna House Berlin, 12th floor, Landsberger Allee 106, 10369 Berlin-Lichtenberg

Skykitchen brunch_Copyright Vienna House

Skykitchen brunch_Copyright Vienna House

Kiiwii Berlin – Brunching in peace with the kids at play

Familiar and generous – that’s the family restaurant KiiWii in Berlin Wilmersdorf, where you can relax on the terrace while the kids go wild on the indoor playground. Saturdays, KiiWii serves up its famous continental family breakfast buffet. On Sundays and holidays, the large family brunch buffet is filled with German and international helpings. A big plus: kids’ prices and large floor-to-ceiling windows so that mum and dad can always keep an eye on the little ones at the playground.


Address: Güntzelstraße 10, 10717 Berlin-Wilmersdorf


Klunkerkranich – Breakfast for night owls and early birds

It’s loud, the staff is tired and you could even catch a cold. And this is one of my top picks? You bet it is! Klunkerkranich may not be perfect, but it’s authentic. In the evening, a bar in the community rooftop garden on top of a multi-storey car park; in the morning, one of the coolest locations for a late breakfast. The “Klunkerkranich” breakfast plate, for example, is a daring mix of German, Spanish, Italian and Middle Eastern food. Accompanied by a good portion of chorizo, whole-grain bread and homemade hummus. Cool!


Address: Karl-Marx-Straße 66, on the top parking level, 12043 Berlin-Neukölln

Klunkerkranich_Copyright visitBerlin

Klunkerkranich_Copyright visitBerlin

Pasternak – Brunching in a Russian living room

With its wallpaper and photos from Mother Russia, Restaurant Pasternak is a real feast for the eyes. Named after the author of the famous novel “Doctor Zhivago”, and located between Germany’s largest synagogue and the “Dicke Hermann” water tower, restaurant patrons will enjoy Russian and Jewish specialities as well as homebrewed beer. Getting up early for breakfast at Pasternak is the “smart” thing to do. The menu has a dish called “Intelligenz”: boiled egg with trout caviar, herring tartar, avocado, pickled salmon strips and dark bread. Well then: Bon appétit! Or: на здоровье!


Address: Knaackstraße 22/24, 10405 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg


STAY  andel’s by Vienna House BerlinVienna House Easy Berlin

Magazine prompter, limelight nudger, storyteller, lady of sound, little tweety bird behind the cameras – you might give Anita many names. But one thing is for sure: She is a passionate PR woman who loves sharing behind-the-scenes hotel stories with you.

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