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What’s old for you is new for me. Flea markets in Berlin #2

If vintage and second hand is your thing, few other cities offer as many options as Berlin. At one of the city’s many flea markets, you’ve got an especially good chance at finding a unique treasure or two. If after reading the previous article, you still didn’t find the perfect Sunday shopping location, then read on for some more special shopping tips.


Flea Market at Arkonaplatz

 How about setting up your own flea market stand instead of always strolling through the markets? If you’re looking for some extra pocket money, the Flea Market at Arkonaplatz gives you an opportunity to free yourself from all that useless junk lying around the house for just 5.50 euros/metre. Collectors will love the great offerings of old LPs, books, clothes and furniture.

Address: Arkonaplatz 1, 10435 Berlin


Antique and Book Market at Bodemuseum

 Situated along one of Berlin’s most beautiful tourist routes, between Alexanderplatz and Friedrichstraße, the Bodemuseum offers a gorgeous backdrop for one of the finest collector’s markets in Berlin. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, more than 60 vendors offer a wide assortment of wares from affordable, modern antiques to rare collector’s items. Young artists selling their own works can also be found at this market, a fixture since 1992.

Address: Am Kupfergraben 1, 10178 Berlin

Bodemuseum_Copyright visitBerlin

Bodemuseum_Copyright visitBerlin

Antique Market at Ostbahnhof

 The Large Antique Market at Ostbahnhof is held regularly on Sundays. This is no place for junk or old household throwaways; the 120–150 vendors sell select quality goods, making this more of a collector’s market than a rummage sale.

Address: Erich-Steinfurth-Straße 1, 10243 Berlin


Flea Market at Marheinekeplatz

The charming Flea Market at Marheinkeplatz located at the end of Bergmannstraße reflects the flair of the vibrant Bergmann district, famous for its many bars and cafés. At this fairly small flea market, you’ll find good quality children’s clothing, home-made patchwork quilts, illuminated letters in all sizes, old enamelled billboards, gemstones, jewellery, LPs, DVDs, porcelain and even a pretty farmhouse wardrobe. So get up early. This place is worth a look!

Address: Marheinekeplatz 1, 10961 Berlin – Kreuzberg


Marheinekeplatz_Copyright visitBerlin

Marheinekeplatz_Copyright visitBerlin

Night Flea Market at SO36

Every second Wednesday of the month, the Night Flea Market at SO36 in Kreuzberg is the place to go for nighthawks – or anyone who’s got something better to do on a Sunday morning than to haggle with the professional vendors at the established flea markets. The knick-knacks start selling from 8.00 p.m., most by locals and for locals. And even better: the beer is served at a special, local discount price!

Address: SO36, Oranienstraße 190, Kreuzberg


Still not enough options? Then download your own flea market map of Berlin here from Locafox.


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