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5 reasons why you should stay at Vienna House Mokotow Warsaw

I live in Warsaw and I love travelling. When I choose a hotel for a business trip or holiday, I pay attention to the facility’s standard, its location and interior design, F&B and additional services. During my stay I assess the quality of the services and atmosphere. I want to feel at home! ! This is what I find at Vienna House in Warsaw, described as a business & lifestyle hotel. Check out my list of 5 reasons why it is worth visiting.



I am not an aesthete, but I feel better in nice interiors, especially when I know that the facility was designed with great attention to detail. I feel this way at Vienna House Mokotow Warsaw. In each corner of the hotel, you will find a real gem of design. The first thing that strikes the eye when you enter the hotel is a golden herringbone carpet that resembles a woven carpet (made by Bolon). Unique chandeliers of the DCW editions In The Tube Solar 6 collection hang above the reception bar in the lobby – it’s probably only the second place in Europe where you can see them! The chairs in Greenhouse restaurant of the Fermob Luxembourg collection are a reinterpretation of a model from 1923. The rooms are illuminated by famous lamps of the Gras collection, often used by Le Corbusier – the “pope of modernism”. There are Gabbia Universo Positivo armchairs and chaise lounges in the Superior rooms, and in the bathrooms you will find tasteful Bongio mixer taps that are present in such iconic hotels as the Ritz Carlton in New York or Damac Paramount in Dubai The interior design is the result of the joint work of designer Agata Pleśniarowicz, Garvest Real Estate (the investor) and Vienna House.

STAY | Vienna House Mokotow Warsaw




Greenhouse restaurant is definitely a distinguishing feature of the hotel in Warsaw! The restaurant’s interior is literally immersed in greenery, which can be seen on high shelves, tables and under the ceiling. The high floor-to-ceiling windows in the hotel let in lots of light, and in the summer, when the piazza-style outdoor terrace is open, they will also make the interior greener. The food in the restaurant is also green, but don’t worry – there are plenty of dishes for meat eaters, too. The restaurant follows the latest trends and offers a lot of regional products “straight from the local market”, Polish specialities, such as dumplings or pickles, and steaks. The steaks are prepared from carefully selected beef, which is aged in a special refrigerator (you can even see it), and then grilled at 800 degrees. It makes all meat eaters’ mouths water.

EAT | Greenhouse Restaurant



Vienna House Mokotow Warsaw is located in the heart of the Warsaw business district, in Służewiec, literally 10 minutes from the airport. Due to this fact, the hotel is often chosen by businesswomen and businessmen in a hurry. Why do they stay here? First of all, they can use the quick check-in option via the internet, and soon you will be able to check out in this way too. If they are in a hurry in the morning to catch a train or plane, they can grab a coffee and croissant to take away even at 5.30 am before getting into the taxi. There is a separate workspace with fast WiFi in the room but you can also work in the lobby, which makes a great coworking space. Thanks to the mobile concierge, guests can easily contact the reception and even order a late dinner to the room. Anything else? In the evening, you can connect your smartphones to the smart TV and watch your favourite series on Netflix #iloveshows



Even if you are on a business trip and every minute is important for you, the smile of another person and a kind word will make you relax right away. The hospitality industry is primarily people who create the atmosphere of a place and give a helping hand when you need it. They will advise you where to buy gifts for your family or what to see in the city – #hiddensecret. things you won’t find in a guidebook. They will make you feel special, better than at home. The Vienna House hotel in Warsaw works this way. The lobby is connected with the bar, restaurant and conference area (which may be strange for some people), and also the hotel team have various functions. A receptionist will make you a coffee, and the conference manager will recommend the best dish for lunch at Greenhouse restaurant. The hotel team create a homely atmosphere and they are on the same wavelength even today. Casual attitude is mixed with professionalism here.



I read labels quite often and pay attention to the quality of my life and environmental impact. How about you? I am probably not the only one. And that’s what I like about the new Vienna House Mokotow Warsaw hotel. Attention to detail is combined with a green approach, and the hotel is combined with the surroundings. This is visible in the brutalist building structure, designed by JEMS Architekci. Constructed from repeated concrete frames, this is a reference to the industrial history of the Służewiec district. Many of the ingredients used in the restaurant come from local suppliers and drinks at the bar are served with glass straws. You can opt out of cleaning the room by hanging a “green pouch” on the door, and in return you will get a small surprise. In the bathroom, you will find organic cosmetics from Ada Cosmetics – Fair Trade certified. In the underground garage, you can charge your electric car at one of the two charging stations. And if you want to keep fit, you can use the 24-hour fitness area on the 6th floor where you can enjoy the panorama of Warsaw through large windows.

Have I convinced you? Here and here you can read why it is worth visiting the capital of Poland and what hidden gems of Warsaw you have to enter on your sightseeing list. Book your stay at the hotel HERE and take advantage of various special offers!

See you in Warsaw!

Kasia lives her life to the fullest and leads a conscious lifestyle, following the rule: “Each minute of your life is precious”. She is also a healthy eater and passionate traveller, fond of yoga and ecology. Kasia is really into all forms of communication.

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