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Valentine’s Day – Atypical Dates in Paris

Flowers, chocolate and a romantic dinner – there´s nothing new about these gifts for Valentine´s Day. Try something different, especially when you´re in Paris, the most romantic city in the world.


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Love and art

Lovers of exhibitions & museums? Paris thought of you: enjoy a “LOVE” evening at the Rodin Museum.

On Valentine’s Day, the Rodin Museum is exceptionally night-time and promises a romantic evening like no other! In honor of the romance having united the most sensual sculptor of An his time to Camille Claudel, the place organizes a journey of exhibition unpublished based on the epistolary exchanges between the two lovers. A poetic dive at the heart of a rare work.

Valentine's Day - February 2017 - Art
© OTCP-Amelie Dupont

Retro flair

Looking for a retro atmosphere? Ride in 2CV in a Paris!

What could be more romantic than a romantic Parisian escapade in the famous 2CV? Kidnap your loved one for an unforgettable romantic escape in the illuminated little streets of Paris and take the opportunity to declare your flame!

Valentine's Day - February 2017 - Car
© 4rouessous1parapluie

Scary love

No need to find an excuse to snuggle up against her lover, come shiver at the Manoir de Paris

To snuggle in the arms of your beloved, nothing better than shivering in the darkness. The Manoir de Paris and its twenty actors make you relive a horrific mystery of the capital during their “Dark Valentine Night”. What to live a Valentine’s Day that you are not ready to forget …

Valentine's Day - February 2017 - Le Manoir
© DR

Blinded by love

Have you been a couple for years? Do you know yourself by heart?  Even “In the dark? ”

Located in the 4th arrondissement of Paris, this restaurant offers a meal … in the dark! Yes in total black! Guided and served by blind people, you will be immersed in a world that will seem totally different to you. We strongly advise you to experience this experience, both sensory and social, but also human. And with your darling, it could be even better!

Valentine's Day - February 2017 - Noir
© Dans le Noir

Run for love

And the athletes, we have not forgotten you: go to Parc de la Villette to run hand in hand.

Standing at 8am for the Valentine’s Day race at Parc de la Villette! Between cheerleaders and animations, you will run 10 km alone or 5 if you are a couple. No lover? No worries: the Cupid operation offers you a partner to run well accompanied. For sure, you will not end up alone!

Valentine's Day - February 2017 - sport
© Clem Onojeghuo

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