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This is a special occasion, so it requires special preparation to ensure that the concept and setting of your festive event sets it apart from other meetings. The most important thing here is the atmosphere, putting the attendees in fine spirits and creating a warm, positive vibe. The Christmas theme will definitely help set the mood, especially if you look beyond the decorations.



Christmas jumpers help create the atmosphere for a Christmas party, with plenty of laughter guaranteed along the way, and they’re so easy to make. Send out party invitations specifying a dress code of jumpers or other items of clothing decorated with reindeer, snowmen and Christmas trees, or go one step further and organise a Christmas jumper making party. Simply prepare funny, Christmas-themed sew-on badges, figures, ribbons and buttons, and provide jumpers, hats or socks as the starting materials. Don’t forget needles, thread, scissors and other necessary tools.

And to make sure it doesn’t just turn into Santa Claus’s workshop, after their hard work you can invite everyone to enjoy a delicious dinner or a wild party in fancy dress. Make sure you take a group selfie to show off your creations on the company Facebook page.

Unusual Christmas events - October 2017 - 3


In fact, photographs could form the basis of another idea for a festive event – a group photo session or a photo booth, for example. You’ll need to provide plenty of stick props like moustaches, beards, masks, angel halos and wings, and you can create a funny keepsake album from the array of poses and ready-printed photos.

Unusual Christmas events - October 2017 - 1


Another idea for Christmas fun is building gingerbread houses. Provide the participants with a range of themes, shapes and flavours, and let them come up with their own designs. Each group or individual can then enter their creation into a competition to find the best (or craziest) gingerbread house, or come up with a small internal campaign for a good cause.

Unusual Christmas events - October 2017 - 2


Remembering those in need during the festive season can be the main focus of a Christmas party with a charitable theme. By organising a collection or auction, you can bring employees together around an important issue while doing some real good for your chosen cause (e.g. a charitable organisation or a family in need). You never know – your Christmas event could be the start of a great new tradition of positive team engagement, opening up a wider field of activities in the area of corporate social responsibility.

You could also make an annual event out of an unwanted Christmas presents market, where people can exchange gifts they don’t need – a fun nod to a get-together with a good initiative behind it.



Christmas is a time for reflection, to spend with your loved ones and your community, which makes it the perfect time for the company to get to know both its employees and their families. When organising a corporate Christmas party that will be attended by your staff’s nearest and dearest, you need to consider what will appeal to a wider group of people – making Christmas decorations and baubles, for example, or singing carols. This may take the form of a traditional musical performance arranged especially for the occasion, or something merrier such as individual performances by staff members.



Carol karaoke is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit and makes for a laid-back, fun-filled party. You need to make sure the repertoire contains all the well-known classics, so that the performers get plenty of support from their audience.

As well as a karaoke machine and song lyrics on a projector, you need to prepare song books, plus some simple instruments and “noise makers” (bells, maracas, etc.).

Unusual Christmas events - October 2017 - 4


If you really want to get people moving, you can organise a fun-packed Christmas treasure hunt. You could turn your work Christmas party into a two-day event and set up camp in a hotel.

In the evening, participants are split into teams who, armed with maps and instructions, head into town to locate the tasks, attractions or gifts that have been prepared for them. Of course, this kind of game involves a bigger commitment (e.g. a few on-site coordinators), but the unexpected route, followed by the teams coming together and sharing their experiences at the after-party, guarantee an unforgettable atmosphere.


The work Christmas party is one of the few occasions throughout the year when all employees can come together not only as staff, but, above all, as a connected team. It’s important to create a base of good humour where they’re drawn into the festive vibe of mutual freedom and goodwill, forgetting about their everyday work for a while. You can help set the mood by organising the party away from the office, and of course providing delicious food. Whatever else you do, you can’t have a Christmas party without Christmas dinner.


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