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Turn social distancing into social heartwarming Part 1

Currently we are in a situation that no one has ever experienced before. According to many specialists and psychologists, this is also a phase that can change people and especially our behaviour towards each other in a lasting way.


take a look around

It’ s obvious everywhere: the Corona pandemic affects all of us. Meanwhile, there is no one left who continues unaffected and unchanged. We are all in the same boat and everyone realises: In times of such a crisis we all have to stay together.


Just having a common topic of conversation unites us immensely. It creates a general solidarity – with those who are considered to be at risk; with those who make professional social contributions and are especially required; with those who feel the financial impact and with all those who, due to the pandemic, are pushed to their limits and beyond.


Are you perhaps considering how to show your gratitude and compassion? Just try smiling and thanking your cashier the next time. Maybe a few kind words? How about a little thank-you letter or Smily Post-it at the mailbox for your postman? Or some flowers for the pharmacist?


A few days ago in Germany people kicked at their windows in the evening and applauded for all those who keep the daily routine going. In some cities there was a strong applause echoing through the streets.

Neighbourhood watching

The view of the surroundings is also stronger outside of your own four walls. Now that we are all more at home, we see our neighbours more often – whether in the hallway, out of the window or on a short walk. One gets into conversation (with the appropriate distance, of course) and a new sense of unity develops. The willingness to support is stronger. And the question of well-being is no longer a rhetorical one, but a serious.


Maybe you can do an errand for your older neighbours or take their four-legged friend out, too?


How about a piece of paper in the hallway where everyone writes down what they need? In some regions, networking via is also a good option. Here you can indicate what you want to do – shopping, dog walks, errands. Charity is not difficult and it is always a great feeling to help.

pitch in – but protect yourself

It is absolutely necessary to follow the rules set by the government. Keeping distance, staying at home if possible and washing hands have become part of our everyday life. On the other hand, there is a necessity for manpower in many areas. It is important to protect yourself carefully during such actions and get exact information about what you have to pay attention to.


If you have a lot of time at the moment because your studies are suspended or your job cannot be done at the present time, you can even provide direct support in some areas. In agriculture, for example, there is a lack of harvest workers everywhere. Due to the limited travel rights, up to 30,000 workers are lost only in Germany. At you can offer your services as a helper and network with farmers and other systemically important sectors. Other portals such as or also show you corresponding job offers.



If you speak several languages, you can act as an interpreter on emergency phones. Multilingual support is particularly popular with pastors or medical aid services.


In many regions the Tafel has already had to cease its work. But there are still some open stations where help is urgently needed. Whether it’s packing food, delivering it or directly at the distribution point, you can help out everywhere. Is there perhaps also a gift fence in your area? Here you can hand out durable food, clothing, blankets or sleeping bags for the homeless.



Of course, you can help doctors and medical practitioners the most if you avoid social contacts and stay healthy. But if you want to actively support them and are physically fit and healthy, you can donate blood. The number of donors has fallen sharply since the outbreak of the virus. Of course there are special safety precautions here to protect you and the staff.


Let’s make the best of the situation together! Reflect on the important things in life and preserve the newly awakened social community feeling and heartwarming for the future!


#stayhome #staystrong #staysafe



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