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Totally Wuppertal

Wuppertal hast more than 350,000 inhabitans and is regarded as one of the greenest and most beautiful situated cities of Germany, which is surrounded by plenty of forested inclinations. That’s why Wuppertal is known for it’s parks and stairs. The city’s landmark is the Suspension Railway, which drives along the river Wupper. The zoo, with more than 450 animals, and the Botanical Garden are also worth seeing attractions.


Additionally, the city is popular for good shopping possibilities. In the district of Luisenviertel you can find a lot of family-owned shops and restaurants. The main shopping street is called Werth. But if you are interested in culture, you won’t be dissapointed too.


All the other things, that are good to know about Wuppertal, are listed briefly and concisely:


Good to know

A large city with plenty of green

Does Wuppertal vote green? We don’t know. But given the 16,800 hectares of green space, the city apparently does have a green thumb.

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1 August 1929

On this day, the towns of Elberfeld, Barmen, Ronsdorf, Cronenberg and Vohwinkel merged to form the city of Barmen-Elberfeld.


And thus Wuppertal was born

A popular referendum was held in 1930 to decide on a name that would better describe the proximity to the river Wupper.

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The feeling of weightlessness

It floats 12 metres high above the city traffic, without a care in the world – or for the red lights below. But Wuppertal’s Suspension Railway, which picks up roughly 85,000 passengers from 20 stations every day, is more than just a way to get around town. It also offers breathtaking views of the city.

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Tuffi was a circus elephant that became famous in Germany in 1950 when she jumped from the Suspension Railway in Wuppertal into the river below.

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500 / 12,000

500 stairs with more than 12,000 steps: Wuppertal has the most stairs of any city in Germany.


Hit the dance floor

Pina Bausch combined elements from theatre, modern dance and musicals to create a whole new genre. Her artistic inheritance lives on at the dance theatre that bears her name.


What Wuppertal eats

Rivkooche: Small, crisply fried potato pancakes

Kottenbutter: A slice of brown bread with smoked pork sausage and onion rings


Have a nice day – worth seeing

  1. Suspension Railway
  2. Historic Concert Hall
  3. Von der Heydt Art Museum
  4. Wuppertal Zoo
  5. Wiepen Magic Theatre
  6. Opera House



If you’re travelling up on high – on the Suspension Railway, perhaps – then you should also come down at some point. To Vienna House Easy Wuppertal, for example, the perfect place to pull the plug on stress and boost your mood. The inviting hotel terrace is the best place for it.


Swimming Opera

For guests of Vienna House, admission to pool, sauna and fitness area at Wuppertal’s public pool, the »Swimming Opera« is free.


Pet friendly

Dogs are welcome at Vienna House Easy Wuppertal.

Wuppertal - September 2017 - 6

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