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Top Travel trends in 2018 with Vienna House

From digital detoxes and Instagram trends to going green with sustainable destinations, 2018 is an exciting year for innovative travel.  Here is Vienna House’s guide to the top five travel trends set to make their mark in 2018.


Digital switch off – escape the screen

The pressures of New Year can feel a bit daunting, particularly when they are plastered across our social media feeds. Fortunately digital detoxes and wellbeing are well on trend in 2018 and the city of Karlovy Vary takes switching off to the next level. Opt for a range of different spa experiences at Vienna House Karlovy Vary, from a check up with the inhouse wellness doctor to a range of treatments and therapies. Offers starting at €198

Travel Trends 2018 - December 2017 - 1

Go Green – put the environment first

Going green has become increasingly popular in the last few years, and as tourism boards catch on it is now more accessible than ever. In 2018, sustainable urban travel is set to make its mark. Take a trip to Warsaw, one of many capitals shortlisted by the European Commission to become the European Green Capital in 2018. To make your stay even better, the brand new Vienna House Mokotów Warsaw will be opening to guests in September 2018!

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The best time to travel – off peak

More and more of us are planning our holidays on a budget, which is of course difficult to achieve when travelling at peak periods. Skip the summer rush and take a trip to Berlin in May where the annual Kreuzberg carnival will feel so vibrant you’ll forget you’re travelling out of season. While there, stay in Vienna House Easy Berlin to enjoy all the luxury of in season travel for less.


Snap it up – find the unique picture

Looking for that picture perfect spot to post online? Instagrammability is fast becoming the deciding factor when deciding where to travel. Germany is among the most instagrammed countries in Europe, with three of its cities featured in the top 20.  Berlin came 6th in the ranks while Munich took the 12th spot and Hamburg came in as the 14th. Snap up the iconic images of Bavaria from Brezeln and Beers to some of Europe’s most stunning architecture. While there, stay in Angelo by Vienna House, in Leuchtenbergring.

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Get to know the culture – The European Year of Culture Heritage in 2018

The European Year of Culture Heritage is set to celebrate the diversity of cultures Europe has to offer throughout 2018. Each country taking part will put on a range of events which best present their European cultural heritage in 2018 and hope to encourage visitors to join them. To celebrate the year Vienna House will be offering a selection of cultural packages, which help you discover some of the best bits of European culture. Why not discover previous European Capital of Culture winner, Pilsen, in 2018.



Frank has a passion for travel, business and all things cultural! He’s lived in Asia, worked in America and experienced many adventures around the world! Frank is just as happy to be in any city as he is being out in the wilderness of the jungle or hiking up mountains. He’s also a big green tea and coffee drinker!

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