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Top five destinations to enjoy an alternative Christmas with Vienna House

Struggling for somewhere to visit over the Christmas break? Year after year we search for the same winter destinations. They fill up fast and the crowded Christmas rush can overwhelm the holiday spirit. But from beer spas in Pilsen to 12 course dinners in Lodz, there are plenty of winter getaways waiting to be discovered this Christmas.

An alternative festive tipple!

From the heart of the Czech Republic, Pilsen comes alive at Christmas. Known around the world for its Pilsner Beer, Pilsen gives visitors the opportunity to be merry throughout December. Take a break from the Christmas rush by relaxing in your very own beer spa! Enjoy a soothing beer steam bath at Pirkmistr Spa and brewery before taking a guided tour of the Pilsner brewery to learn more about the art of brewing.

A Parisian Christmas… in Bucharest

Brimming with café culture, picture perfect parks and elegant architecture, Bucharest has earned itself the name, Little Paris. If you are lucky enough to see Bucharest at Christmas, be sure to visit on 1st December when The National Day’s Parade will celebrate the union of Transylvania and Romania.

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Discover the magical markets of Dornbirn in December

Experience a December in Dornbirn, home to one of Europe’s most overlooked Christmas markets. Visit Dornbirn’s Christkindmarkt between 1st-23rd December where you will learn the art of traditional Austrian baking with a festive theme in the market’s own baking room. Ice skate in the market’s majestic ice rink and treat your loved ones to a gift from the traditional Austrian kiosks and your Christmas is complete.

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Celebrate a taste of Slovakian sparkle in Bratislava

By Christmas, Slovakia is home to a magical winter wonderland. Breathe in all that its capital has to offer with a visit to one of Bratislava’s cosy Christmas markets.  Find Slovakian gifts for friends and taste a traditional Ciganska pecenka or Gipsy liver for a taste of celebration. If you’d like something stronger, be sure not to miss a warm and sweet sip of the Slavakian honey spiritMedovina!

 Enjoy a 12-course feast in festive Poland

Discover a different December in Poland with Vienna House Andel in Lodz  Rather than a traditional Christmas roast, the Polish celebrate the festive tidings with a 12-course dinner, consisting of one course for each apostle. During your stay, be sure to sample as many courses as possible including fluffy potatoes, meatless gołąbki and poppy seed cake. Your Vienna House Hotel is just a five minute walk from Piotrkowska Street – Europe’s longest promenade (and the perfect spot to sip some hot mulled wine in between Christmas shopping!)

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