• Vienna House - Insider Infos - October 2015
  • Vienna House - Insider Infos - October 2015
  • Vienna House - Insider Infos - October 2015
  • Vienna House - Insider Infos - October 2015
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Top 5 Insider Infos: VI Hotels becomes Vienna House

Exciting days lie ahead for the guests of VI Hotels. In February 2016, Austria’s largest hotel group will undergo a rebranding. We invite you to look into the future with us as we reveal five bits of insider information right now. The excitement grows.

1. Have you heard? Hello, Vienna House!

VI Hotels becomes Vienna House. And it’s happening soon – namely in February 2016. But why the name “Vienna House”? Well, “Vienna” stands for the company’s origins and for the quality of life, joie de vivre and hospitality for which the city is famous. “House” is a place that unites, where you can be yourself, where the family comes together, and where you invite friends and guests as a host.

Vienna House - Insider Infos - October 2015
Welcome at Vienna House

2. Our new hotel lines in a nutshell:

  • Vienna House
    stands for individuality, regionality and class. This line encompasses our city and resort hotels.
  • Vienna House Easy
    is the “easy” line of Vienna House. Here guests will find uncomplicated B&B hotels that represent local hospitality and which stand out for their contemporary straightforwardness and simple local products.
  • andel’s by Vienna House
    Do you love design? Then andel’s by Vienna House is the place for you! Design, style and modernity set the tone here.
  • angelo by Vienna House
    Colourful. That best describes the angelo hotels. Our vibrant concept line is characterised by a lively lobby and bar culture as well as an Asian-style room design.
Vienna House - Insider Infos - October 2015
Explore the new Vienna House Easy line

3. But wait! What does our CEO Rupert Simoner have to say about the rebranding?

“The moment in which I enter a hotel lobby and it is full of people – people making lively conversation, enjoying a relaxing drink or just passing the time – I know whether a concept works or not. Everyone knows that a hotel has rooms, but the decisive difference lies in those areas where people come together. The lobby is the heart of the hotel,” says Simoner.

4. Fresh, local products – prepared with attention to detail

What can our guests expect from the hotel restaurants? This much we can say: the breakfast offer will receive a new regional touch. The unique atmosphere of Vienna, one of the most liveable cities in the world, is a tangible part of all our properties. In the mood for a Viennese breakfast – at any time of day and night?

Vienna House - Insider Infos - October 2015
Healthy snacks at Hotel Loipersdorf Spa & Conference

5. Your personal pillow, mobile check-in, coworking areas and “Ma and Pa shops”

A good night’s sleep is important to have. That’s why guests at Vienna House Easy will be able to choose their own favourite pillow to take up to the room with them. And with our small shop, there’ll be no more running to the supermarket late at night: a homage to the “Ma and Pa shops” of days gone by, our little shop is filled with regional foods for our guests’ daily needs. Business travellers will also find lots of new things, such as wireless charging stations at all tables, e-vehicle charging stations, bicycle stations and mobile check-in.

Check out what’s going on and have a look on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to see the changes happening at the various VI Hotels. Our Coming Soon website also has regular updates, more insider info and exciting new developments to be observed…

I am your local host and happy to deliver you personally hidden secrets.

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