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Top 20 best movies to rouse your wanderlust | Part 2

After the first list of best travel films, it was clear that more was possible: even more inspiration, more wanderlust and more entertainment. That’s why we’ve already got Part Two ready and waiting. So cosy up on the couch and grab your popcorn! These films will be sure to tie you to the sofa for a while.


Life of Pi

How do you survive 227 days at sea – in a lifeboat with a Tiger? This is the story in the film Life of Pi. On its way from India to Canada, a Japanese freighter full of wild animals founders in a storm. Pi is the sole (human) survivor, sharing a lifeboat with a hyena, a wounded zebra, an orangutan and a tiger named Richard Parker. A visually striking and gloriously coloured film that will put you in the mood for your next adventure.


Midnight in Paris

Paris is beautiful by day, but at night it is nothing short of magic. At the stroke of midnight, a contemporary writer is transported to bygone eras to meet artistic and literary greats of times long past. The film exudes the Parisian charm of then and now.


A Good Year

Who has never dreamed of retreating to a secluded villa in the south of France to enjoy life with a glass of wine? Banker Max Skinner hasn’t, that’s for sure. But when he inherits a vineyard estate in the Provence from his uncle, it turns his life upside down. With time, he learns to appreciate his new life. After this film, you’ll be booking your next flight faster than you can say “holiday”.


A Map for Saturday

This film follows the world travels of a backpacker in which every day is like a Saturday. The documentary is so authentic and honest that every solo traveller and long-term holidaymaker will recognise themselves in it.


The Bucket List

Tragedy and comedy join forces in this film – and what remains is the desire to live life to the full. Billionaire Edward Cole and mechanic Carter Chambers are diagnosed with cancer, become friends and put together a list of things to do before they kick the bucket. The journey takes them to the most beautiful places in this world.


Hector and the Search for Happiness

On the search for happiness and the secret to true bliss, psychiatrist Hector travels across the entire world – and takes the audience along for the ride. The film gets you thinking and provides insights into foreign cultures.


Under the Tuscan Sun

This time it’s not a secluded villa in the Provence. Instead, writer Frances Mayes ends up in the Toscana. The beautiful images will inspire you for your next holiday and will make you think seriously about dropping out and getting away from it all.


The Way

This film is about family and about the sometimes difficult path you must take to find back to it. When Tom Avery’s son dies in an accident along the Camino de Santiago, he decides to walk the way himself and find out what kind of a man he was. Beautiful and moving.



This cinematic fairy tale uses colourful imagery to delve into the lives of a collection of eccentrics and their hobbies. And, of course, of the innocent and naïve Amélie, who applies her sense of justice to make everyone around her happy. A journey through the heart of the French capital.


The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

In colourful India, a group of sprightly pensioners discovers the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel as the right retirement residence for them. Although not everything goes according to plan, even the greatest sceptic can’t escape the magic of the local mentality and the efforts of the hotel manager Sonny. Absolute worth seeing!



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