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Tips for clever business traveling

Do you travel a lot for work or business? You probably already know that also this kind of trip will be just as good as you plan and prepare it. Get inspired with the following tips for business travelling by Vienna House and make the best of your business travel!



Get a good place to stay

One of the top business travel tips if you travel for a longer period is to get an apartment or well-serviced executive room instead of a standard room. These rooms are more spacious and feel more comfortable. They usually come with amenities and features that standard rooms don’t have. You should get a good place to relax and work all in one.

TIP: Vienna House Andel’s Prague offers a large range of apartments and its exclusive Executive Hub.


Join a reward programme

Gain points or miles as you travel. Sign up for a programme with your favourite airline, hotel or travel credit card. You should also choose a credit card without foreign transaction fees.

TIP: Get up to 1,000 miles per stay with the Vienna Double Miles deal.


Use programs that speed your travel

Check in to your flights online and save your ticket in your wallet (or alternative App). Apply for TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry to gain access to faster-moving security and customs around the world.


Book non-stop flights

Layovers lengthen trips. A two- or three-hour stop mid-trip can mean spending an extra day on the road, waking up earlier than necessary or having a suitcase that didn’t make the same transfer you did.


Pay an airport lounge membership

Most airlines provide lounges with plenty of food, outlets and quiet space for a reasonable cost. Spend your time waiting for your flight away the hustle and bustle of everyone else waiting for theirs.



Keep important documents everywhere

No one likes to think about losing their phone, but it can be gone in a second. Keep the tickets together with your passport, visa and other important things in printed form too. Just in case… ?


Find (or pack) healthy food

Travel is hard on your body. Packing or buying healthy snacks will help you stay well while travelling.


Keep hydrated

Travelling for business usually has one thing in common: coffee. But aside from the powered feeling and taste, this treat also takes water out of your body. As do air conditioning, lots of catering food and even alcohol. A dehydrated body doesn’t work, so drink enough water!

TIP: At the receptions or lobby areas of Vienna House, you always have fresh water for free.




Always have a good travel insurance

The last thing you want is to be sick or injured on your travels, but it can happen. Germs are everywhere. And then there’s the language barrier – this is especially true in less developed countries but you can experience it all over. Having a good travel insurance and getting proper medical assistance is crucial.


Pack wisely

Seems clear, but not necessarily. A good idea is to take along something smart for meetings, something fancy for evening events and parties, something casual for socializing or sightseeing, and something sporty. You never know, but paraphrasing Coco Chanel: “You can be overdressed but never over elegant.”

TIP: Are your clothes crumpled? No problem! Just borrow an ironing set from the reception or have it ironed in the hotel laundry.

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Carry enough business cards

Even if you don’t plan on networking, you will always meet dozens of people during your travels. The easiest way how to stay in touch with someone is to hand them a business card. It’s probably even quicker than connecting on Facebook or so on. ? After all, “a stranger is a friend I haven’t met yet.”


Be nice and pleasant to the hotel staff

For a few days or weeks, these people are your closest acquaintances. Remember, what goes around comes around. Say “Hi” and “Good morning”, smile when you want something and thank them. Yes, it is their job to take care of you and your needs, but they are also just people – and sometimes it’s helpful to be nice to them… ?


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