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The 20 best movies to rouse your wanderlust | Part 1

One of the best things to do on a cold or rainy day is to curl up under the covers with a cup of tea and dream yourself to faraway places in front of the TV screen. So grab your remote and toughen up your buns, because you won’t want to turn these films off. Get ready to experience virtual adventures and discover inspiration for analogue exploits of your own. Wanderlust guaranteed.


Into the Wild

Into the Wild has got to be THE backpacker movie par excellence. A life far from the constraints of society, in the middle of nature. Who hasn’t dreamed of it – especially on Mondays? You may not be the backpacking type, but this movie will still get you in the mood for your next adventure – even with a trolley case.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Two American women and one charming Spaniard in Barcelona – beautiful people, beautiful setting. Woody Allen presents the Mediterranean lifestyle and culture as a sensory experience that will get viewers yearning for the Spanish sun.

Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love may be a typical Julia Roberts film, i.e. a bit touchy-feely, but the protagonist’s journey of self-discovery to Italy, India and Indonesia will get your own feet itching and twitching – wishing to jump up and travel to some faraway place.

The Darjeeling Limited

India, land of bright colours and exotic flavours, is the setting for this wonderful film by Wes Anderson. After the death of their father, three brothers board a train to find their way to each other and search for their mother.


Up is about love – for people and places. It’s a movie for the whole family that will rouse wanderlust in viewers big and small.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

With its stunning cinematography, this blockbuster takes viewers to Greenland, Iceland and the Himalaya. A somewhat odd story, it will definitely get you in the mood to pack your bags and book your next trip.

The Motorcycle Diaries

Join a young Che Guevara and his friend Alberto Granado on an adventurous motorcycle trip through South America. Revel in a dream of faraway places thanks to the fantastic landscape shots.

180° South

Jeff Johnson traces two of his heroes’ footsteps from California to Patagonia – and experiences an adventure of his own. This documentary gives us an insight into the dreams of others and lets us revel in our own.

Thelma & Louise

Two women flee from their jobs and their husbands and drive off into the sunset. That sounds like adventure and freedom – but hurdles are guaranteed. After this movie classic, you’ll surely want to head out on a road trip of your own.

The Beach

The strange rock formations in the bay of Koh Phi Phi are world-famous – thanks in part to this film. Using a secret map, American student Richard hopes to find his way to a beautiful beach that is kept hidden from tourists. While paradise turns out not to be so paradisiacal after all, at least the cinematography will put you in the mood to get away from it all.

Ready for your own adventure?

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