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The 10 most interesting attractions in Łódź. Recommended by local experts from Vienna House. Part 1

Łódź has been declared one of the best value destinations to visit in 2019. This is a very special distinction – granted by the travelling community of Lonely Planet, the best guides for individual travel to even the most distant corners of the world. What does Lonely Planet recommend to see in the Polish Manchester? The Manufaktura shopping and entertainment centre, located next to Vienna House Andel’s Lodz, Piotrkowska Street and Fabryczna Railway Station. And what do the locals recommend? We asked our colleagues from Vienna House Andel’s Lodz for their recommendations. Here is our list of the TOP 10 attractions in Łódź that you should not miss when staying in this post-industrial city. The first 5 are located at or near the longest shopping promenade in Europe – Piotrkowska street. The other 5 will follow in the next text article.




Recommended by Krzysztof Jaskuła, Assistant Convention Sales Manager
“The Rose Passage is one of the most photogenic places in Łódź. It is an unusual mosaic comprising thousands of small mirrors decorating the tenement house at Piotrkowska Street no. 3. It depicts the world as seen by the daughter of the famous Polish artist Joanna Rajkowska, who suffers from a rare form of eye cancer. Despite its tragic inspiration, this installation art is captivating. The place is especially worth visiting in the afternoon, when it is lit by the setting sun. The courtyard is closed at night.”
Location: Piotrkowska Street no. 3.





Recommended by Marta Kupińska, Marketing Manager
“While walking in Piotrkowska Street, turn into Traugutta Street. This is one of the local woonerfs, so-called “residential yards”, which have conquered the hearts of the citizens of Łódź. The Traugutta Street woonerf is a charming and beautifully lit lane with atmospheric cafes, original, small restaurants serving delicious food and, a recent addition, the very popular El Cubano club that plays Latin music and is open at night. At the end of the woonerf, you will certainly not miss one of the most popular murals in Łódź – a colour portrait of Artur Rubinstein. Other woonerfs are located along Piramowicza and 6 Sierpnia.”
Location: Traugutta Street.





Recommended by Katarzyna Szyszkiewicz, Convention Coordinator
“Piotrkowska Street no. 138/140 is home to the most fashionable point on the cultural map of the city: OFF Piotrkowska. It is a must-see when visiting Łódź, both during the day and on a weekend evening. OFF Piotrkowska is a project which is unique on a national scale, bringing together representatives from the creative industries. These include fashion designers and design studios, music clubs and restaurants, exhibition spaces and rehearsal rooms, showrooms and concept stores, and, of course, club cafes. And all these are housed in the gate of a former cotton factory, which for years was regarded as the ‘Chinatown’ of Łódź.”
Location: Piotrkowska Street no. 138/140; http://offpiotrkowska.com/



STAY | Vienna House Andel’s Lodz | EAT | DELIGHT RESTAURANT




Zjadliwości. Kuchnia Roślinna Restaurant and Cynamon Restaurant, recommended by Lidia Kuba-Mikoś, Senior Regional Sales Manager Corporate
“Zjadliwości Restaurant offers a wonderful atmosphere and even more wonderful cuisine. The cooks, Ewelina and Magda, prepare truly delicious plant-based dishes that can even win the carnivores over. The restaurant is located at Piotrkowska Street, so you can visit it when walking along the main promenade of Łódź. For dessert, I recommend the hot chocolate moelleux cake from the Cynamon restaurant (Plac Wolności). It’s just insane! During my first visit, I ordered dessert … twice, because I couldn’t resist. By the way, you can also eat super seafood and fish there.”
Location: Zjadliwości Restaurant, Piotrkowska Street no. 102 a; https://www.facebook.com/pg/Zjadliwosci 
Cynamon Restaurant, Plac Wolności 7; http://cynamonsas.pl/




Recommended by Magdalena Kurczak, Reservation Manager
“One place I have a great fondness for is the open-air museum, located at Piotrkowska Street, which was recognised as a monument of history. It makes us travel in time to 19th century Łódź and walk along the cobblestone streets between the original houses brought here from the Łódź area. Not only can we admire the craftsmanship of art and architecture, but we can also appreciate the here and now.”
Location: Central Museum of Textiles, Piotrkowska Street no. 282; http://www.muzeumwlokiennictwa.pl/informacje/skansen,19







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