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Talent Night in Kronberg

What an event! On 1 October 2019, we invited you to our Talent Night at Vienna House MQ Kronberg im Taunus. The relaxed atmosphere was a great setting for lots of fantastic conversation. We met some very interesting and talented people who took the opportunity to get to know their potential new workplace and the team.


On the construction site of the future Vienna House MQ Kronberg, Pre-Opening Director and future General Manager Ilgo Hagen Höhn welcomed the participants together with the further Vienna House team from Vienna, Osnabrück, Rostock and Limburg. He presented the property and provided an insight into his plans for the concept and future of the hotel. With typical Austrian snacks and drinks, including Manner waffles, Sachertorte slices and refreshing Almdudler soft drinks, the attendees could ask their first questions of the Vienna House team. The participants received a special “driving licence” for the Talent Night that provided a short presentation of the Vienna House philosophy and of the evening’s individual programme points while also serving as a stamp card when completing the various Talent Night stations.


Together the group went from the future hotel to the pre-opening office, which had been transformed with loving detail into a “get-to-know area” in keeping with the spirit of #endlessexploration.



Each participant received a small Vienna House welcome package with notepad, pen, keychain and provisions for the journey as well as some reading material for home. While one group let themselves be “infected” with the Vienna House DNA by trainer Heribert, the other group got to know each other better at the “flying carpet” team workshop.



The speed dating with the hotel manager and HR Support Middle gave everyone a chance to introduce themselves and ask questions in a personal conversation.



The “snack break” station called for creativity. Given a basket of goods and a well-stocked refrigerator, the participants were tasked with putting together a snack for themselves and their team. Imagination and craftsmanship weren’t the only things needed here – effective teamwork was also required. In the end, everyone enjoyed their delicious lunch in the “Heurigen” picnic area.


General Manager Ilgo Hagen Höhn is thrilled with the event and the attendees’ participation. “With a lot of fun and ease, everyone contributed superbly and innovatively to the event. The relaxed environment made it possible for us as an employer to communicate with the applicants in a spirit of partnership and on an equal footing.”

The participants all agreed that this new and modern form of job interview makes it possible to get to know each other in a completely different way – far beyond the first impression.

For Ilgo Hagen Höhn, the evening was very effective and a complete success. The first follow-up appointments for working towards the contract talks were already agreed directly on site.


Do you want to become part of the team of Vienna House MQ Kronberg in Taunus and help shape the hotel from its opening in December 2019? Here you can get an insight into all vacant positions. Ilgo Hagen Höhn and his team look forward to getting to know you – by email, mobile phone, Facebook or however you want. Creativity is what we’re looking for!

I am your local host and happy to deliver you personally hidden secrets.

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