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What does Berlin smell like? Fragrance manufactory Frau Tonis Parfum has the answer!


SHOP | Frau Tonis Parfum

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Berlin has a green scent. A bit of bergamot and citrus, cardamom and cedarwood. At least at Frau Tonis Parfum. The little shop near Checkpoint Charlie is not »just« a perfumery; it’s a fragrance workshop. The interior is simple, white, lined with glass flacons and traditional chemist’s bottles. On the counter stands a bowl of small soaps, behind it hangs a large black-and-white photograph of the woman who gave the store its name: Toni-Luise. »She’s my idol«, says Stefanie Hanssen.


The 49-year-old is the owner of Frau Tonis Parfum, Toni-Luise is her grandmother, who inspired Hanssen with her emphasis on clothes and fragrances. Frau Tonis is special – even for Berlin. Perhaps because the concept is so crystalclear. Perhaps because, at the large chain stores, they’re always trying to palm off the same old bestsellers.


STAY | Vienna House Andel’s Berlin | Vienna House Easy Berlin

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Stefanie Hanssen sells 36 choice fragrances, which are either offered as a pure essence or can be combined with one another. You can also mix three nuances together: jasmine with cinnamon, citrus with mint, fig or acacia. The prices are moderate: perfumes start at 65 euros, eau de colognes at 22. Not a lot of money for a customized fragrance. Ready-made scents are also available – like the aforementioned Berlin fragrance, a cooperation with the KaDeWe department store.


The perfume Mémoire de Pétrole, in turn, is the result of a collaboration with Volkswagen. Stefanie Hanssen was asked to create a perfume that was reminiscent of petrol and would then unfold additional nuances. »That was difficult«, she admits today. But of course, she succeeded.


Perfect stay for your Berlin trip is our Vienna House Andel’s Berlin or Vienna House Easy Berlin!

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© Frau Tonis Parfum  / Press (7)

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