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“Same procedure as every year”

The year is drawing to a close – New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. The night in which for many people not only the year changes brings with it many customs and traditions. Are some of them also planned for Tuesday evening?




„What are we doing for New Year’s Eve?“

This question is asked every year. Anyone planning something big has to be fast. Many events are already fully booked in autumn. Public New Year’s Eve celebrations are held in most cities. The biggest and best known is certainly the party at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, where hundreds of thousands of people celebrate the New Year every year. But even more relaxed evenings have a special New Year’s Eve magic in big cities. In Dresden, for example, you can celebrate spontaneously in the roof bar of Vienna House QF Dresden, with a wonderful view over the city.

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For many people, the perfect New Year’s Eve celebration is also an evening among friends, a fun family get-together or a very cosy evening at home.




Luck & Happiness

It means something different for everyone, but everyone wants it. Especially in the New Year, everyone needs a little luck. So little lucky charms have become the symbol of New Year’s Eve. Whether cloverleaves, toadstools, piglets or chimney sweeps: New Year’s Eve is a time for decorations, pastries or souvenirs with all of them. Whether the new year brings luck, many would like to find out by pouring lead. Melted down and thrown into the water, they create strange shapes that leave plenty of room for interpretation. With a winking eye one or the other gets a glimpse into the coming year.





The last meal of the year

There are also many culinary traditions. These vary of course according to region, but many are very widespread.

There is no question of toasting with sparkling wine or champagne. But even before 0 o’clock punch is very popular at many New Year’s Eve parties. For the fruity party drink there are countless possibilities with and without alcohol.

The last meal of the year should also be something special. While New Year’s Eve carp is a tradition in many families at noon on 31.12., it usually becomes more colourful in the evening. Often there is a buffet or canapés. In small rounds, the food becomes more evening-filling: with fondue or raclette the time until midnight is shortened.







For millions of Germans, a New Year’s Eve is not complete without Miss Sophie. In 1963 the British comedy “Dinner for One” was shown on German television for the first time. This year it is broadcast over 30 times on 31.12. and 1.1., and in the meantime even in various versions.

Funfact: Last year Miss Sophie and Buttler James were also seen in Great Britain for the first time. I wonder if they will be just as popular here in the coming years?





Der Countdown läuft

Then it’s time: equipped with full glasses to toast, all together count the last seconds of the old year. “Happy New Year” and warm hugs follow, not only in Germany. Just like the colourful New Year’s Eve rockets, these are international traditions.

A colourful sea of colours and loud firecrackers welcome the year and are supposed to drive away the evil spirits. The Germans spend more than 130 million euros annually on rockets, firecrackers and the like. In many city centres, however, firecrackers are now prohibited. Often public fireworks are ignited, which shine in the night sky and let us welcome the New Year.


It is slowly rising, the anticipation of the turn of the year. But is everything really different from 01.01.? This year we are starting a new decade. The whole team of Vienna House wishes you a happy 2020 and a great New Year’s Eve.






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