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Please insert coin – The strangest vending machines in Berlin #2

Berlin is different, and even the oddest oddball will find his or her place here. The same can be said about the city’s vending machines. They offer even the oddest of curiosities for sale. So, scrounge together some spare change and get ready for a different sort of shopping spree.

Vending Machines 2 - December 2017 - 3

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Culinary specialties

One of the best things you can buy with money is food. Even better if it’s relatively cheap and you don’t have to fray your nerves standing in line to get it. The following culinary vending machines will keep your tummy happy – and offer a bit of entertainment as a side dish.


Flickering lights. A rumble and a shake. Presto! After tossing in the coin and a three-minute wait, the pizza is ready. The taste may take some getting used to, but a trip to this unique vending machine is definitely worth it.

Where: Hardenbergstrasse 21

 Vending Machines 2 - December 2017 - 4


If you’re in the mood for dessert after your pizza experience, then you should check out this cookie machine. “Made with love”, there’s guaranteed something for everyone!

Where: Oranienburger Straße 27

How much: €4

Vending Machines 2 - December 2017 - 2


Do you feel a sudden urge to bake a midnight cake or maybe you just need some breakfast on Sunday morning? No problem in Berlin’s quiet Marienfelde neighbourhood at the city’s southern border. Here you can get a four-pack of fresh organic eggs at any time of day.

Where: Lehmanns Bauernmarkt, Alt-Marienfelde 35, Marienfelde

How much: €1


Everything you need for a perfect party night

Anyone can party the night away, but only few of us plan the evening from start to finish. If you’re the chaotic type, these vending machines could be your lifesaver.



Got a hot date at the night club, but the onions from that Döner smell even from two yards away? Then it’s time for the toothbrush vending machine.

Where: Bar “Zu mir oder zu dir” [“Your Place or Mine”], Lychener Straße 15, Prenzlauer Berg

How much: €1



So maybe the world’s smallest disco can’t really keep up with the hottest clubs, but when it comes to uniqueness, none can top this place: for the duration of the chosen song, a telephone booth is where the party’s at.

Where: Holzmarktstraße 25, 10243 Berlin

How much: €2

Vending Machines 2 - December 2017 - 1

Spare shoes

On your way home and want to toss those high heels far and wide? Ladies, we know how you feel! If you’re feet are ailing after a long night on the dancefloor, then relief takes the form of a pair of pumps out of a vending machine.

Where: Fritzclub, Postbahnhof am Ostbahnhof, Straße der Pariser Kommune 8, Friedrichshain

How much: €9



Spiritual Assistance

Every now and then, we just don’t feel at home in the here and now. Time for a bit of spirituality.


The prayer-o-mat looks like a cross between a photo booth – which it once was – and a confessional. Touch the screen and you can choose one of 300 prayers in 65 languages. The selection includes texts from Christian, Islamic, Hindu, Jewish and Buddhist sources as well as completely unknown faiths.

Where: Arminius-Markthalle, Arminiusstr. 2–4, Moabit

How much: €0


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