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Please insert coin – The strangest vending machines in Berlin #1

Chewing gum, plastic rings, condoms – Berlin’s vending machines have long had more to offer. Here’s a collection of the strangest vending machines in the German capital.


Everyone knows that Berlin is different. A lesser known fact is that this refers not only to the people and the way of life, but even to the tin boxes standing at the corner: those good old vending machines. At the push of a button, you can buy fishing supplies or have a party, you can even experience spiritual growth. In Berlin, the loose change in your pocket really pays off. And having the following list of strange vending machines at hand can’t hurt either.


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Vending Machines - November 2017 - 4

Perfect souvenirs – Even for yourself

Visitors to Berlin usually go shopping at some point. And with a new concept store popping up on every corner, not to mention all the famous established brands, the city is perfect for a shopping spree. But even small things can enrich your life – and will save space in your suitcase or at home.



A perfect souvenir for family and friends, but also for your own four walls, is a postcard from a vending machine. Pictures of the usual sights and attractions, plus a snapshot of yourself – you won’t find that in your mailbox every day.

Where: corner of Unter den Linden/Wilhelmstraße

How much: €3



Art doesn’t always have to be expensive. Here’s a chance to purchase a miniature work of art for just a few coins. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

Where: among other places at the restaurant Cotto e Crudo, Eberswalder Straße 33, Prenzlauer Berg

How much: €2



Oops. On holiday but you left that new bestseller at home? No problem! In Berlin, the vending machines can even spit out good literature. And for a really good price, too! Food for bookworms, from just 1 euro and up.

Where: U8 underground platform, Alexanderplatz

How much: €1

Vending Machines - November 2017 - 1

A blessing for hobbyists

You can’t always practice your hobby at a certain time or on a certain day. Sometimes you’ve just got to run, jump or go from A to B on a Sunday when the stores are closed. And if you’ve forgotten to buy something or if something happens to break, well, then Berlin has got the right vending machine for you – at least if you like fishing or ride a bike.



Catching fish without the proper bait can prove to be quite a challenge. Thankfully all of you anglers out there can get your worms 24/7 at the push of button.

Where: in front of Angelhaus Koss, Tegeler Straße 37, Wedding

How much: €1

Vending Machines - November 2017 - 2


In Berlin, bicycles are a great way of getting from A to B fast and easy. But a flat can really put the brakes on your exploration. To keep your visit exciting – around the clock – you can get that extra innertube out of a vending machine. Goodbye, flat tyres!

Where: among other places in front of Trekpro Shop, Leipziger Straße 56, Mitte

How much: €7.50

Vending Machines - November 2017 - 3

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