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On Thick Ice

Ice skating belongs to the Christmas market like the Child in the manger.


Festively decorated stalls line the streets in the centre of town. Lights are gleaming and twinkling on every corner, there’s music everywhere and the air is filled with the sweet-and-spicy smell of mulled wine and freshly made waffles. Christmastime is a time for Christmas markets. For good food, leisurely market walks – and ice skating. The Parisians gather in front of the Eiffel Tower to skate their rounds on the ice together. In Berlin, people show off their carefully rehearsed routines on Alexanderplatz. And the Viennese, for their part, give themselves up to an experience called the »Vienna Ice Dream«. But even the smaller cities out there are joining in the skating fun.

Ice Skating - December 2017 - 1

Like Castrop-Rauxel, for example. As of this year, a ten by twenty metre roofed ice rink awaits Ruhr area visitors and their polished-to-a shine blades. So there are options aplenty. All that’s missing now is a helping hand for beginners and for anyone who is feeling a little out of practice. So what kinds of things should you look out for when skating? First of all, there’s the position. Start by placing your feet side by side, making sure to keep the tips of each foot turned slightly away from one another. To pick up speed, shift your body weight from one leg to the other so that the back leg always automatically glides towards the front. Sturdy clothing is a must, especially your hands and knees should be well-padded in case of a fall. Once you’ve internalised that, you’ll quickly notice that ice skating isn’t rocket science. It’s a whale of a good time.

Ice Skating - December 2017 - 4

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  1. Approach the turn and take off with the right foot moving backwards
  2. One to three revolutions
  3. Land on the right foot moving backwards


With this in mind: happy trails!


SKATE | Ice rink and Christmas market | Am Markt, 44575 Castrop-Rauxel

STAY | Vienna House Easy Castrop-Rauxel


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