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My revelation – Vienna House QF Dresden

Author: Paweł Jakubowski,


I came across Vienna House QF Dresden quite by accident but let me start from the beginning…
From time to time, I visit the area of Frankfurt am Main. Sometimes I travel by plane, other times by car. This time I went by plane but had to return by car. On my way back, I had always gone through Leipzig and the area of Potsdam and Berlin, but this time I decided to try something different.

Destination: Dresden

A trip to Dresden had been recommended to me by many of my Facebook friends but I had never had a chance to go there. I checked the route from Frankfurt to Płock via Dresden and it turned out that the distance is similar to my standard route, so… the decision was made! I’m going via Dresden with an overnight stay in the city!

Then I faced another challenge – choosing a hotel. It was not easy, in part because the prices of better class accommodation facilities in Dresden are relatively high. So I decided to look for places where you can still feel a breeze of freshness. One of them was Vienna House QF Dresden, which, in addition, is definitely located in one of the most attractive spots in the city – just off the Neumarkt square. And it was a good choice.


STAY | Vienna House QF Dresden


I was driving a pretty big car and was afraid that I would have a problem with parking in the underground parking lot, but fortunately, nothing like that happened.

Vienna House QF Dresden – minimalism and atmosphere

A rather minimalist style caught my eye when I entered the hotel – the lobby at the reception desk was not large. For a hotel of that class, it was indeed a miniature of a typical lobby. Right next to the reception there is the newly opened Bellini Lounge, where you can relax, eat breakfast in the morning and have some snacks in the afternoon. Access to the lounge is subject to a fee of EUR 15 per person.

Check-in went very smoothly. My room was the Magnus Room overlooking Neumarkt – I recommend it at any time of day or night! There was a very large bed in the middle of the room, which also featured a functional bathroom with tub and shower as well as nice fair trade beauty products. To my eye, the TV set in the room could have been bigger. On the other hand, what really caught my attention – in addition to the large bed, of course – were the colours of the room itself. Light brown and grey is a very good combination.

A bar with a pleasantly sounding name – Dachbar – and an interesting atmosphere turned out to be a very nice facility in the hotel. It is located on the top floor of the building and has a small terrace. I spent a nice time there, having some very good coffee and a drink. I would describe the decor of the place as “boutique”.

After touring part of Dresden, I went back to my room and before going to bed I was thinking that this is a city I will definitely want to visit again! I still had the morning breakfast and a long way home ahead of me.

Looong hotel breakfast

On the weekends, breakfast is served from 6:30 to… 12! A great tribute to tourists, as it is not common that breakfast serving hours are so long. It immediately caught my eye that everything was very nicely displayed, even the breakfast menu was very elegant. As I had very little time, I only tasted a delicious cake in addition to sandwiches and coffee – unfortunately, I did not have enough time to have a fresh omelette, which is a pity. During breakfast, a waiter served refreshments – something not included on the menu – for a taste change. That day a delicious mousse was served. Of course, I could not refuse.

Check-out went very smoothly and quickly – now I only had to exit the underground parking and spend all day behind the wheel… but I am already looking forward to coming back!

Full hotel review on the blog


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