• Easy beats Carol - February 2017 - hair
  • Easy beats Carol - February 2017 - lobby
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Germany Pure Culture

Music wherever you go

Berlin has an open ear and an open mic for musicians of all genres. Music is everywhere, wherever you go: from superstar Ed Sheeran in the Mercedes-Benz Arena to live indie rock at the Junction Bar in Prenzlauer Berg or the music workshop during Berlin Music Campus 2017.

Really exciting are all the young bands playing in small pubs, technically minded DJs in their tiny studios, and small party communities who organise awesome events in Berlin’s hidden back courtyards. They are the true heroes of the music scene in Berlin. One of them is Karoline Körbel, a real powerhouse on the drums, who recently began wowing Berlin and all of Germany with her own band. Her latest project: the sessions series “Easy Beats by Carol” every 2nd Thursday of the month at Vienna House Easy Berlin.

Easy beats Carol - February 2017 - sign

Dear Karoline – or should I say Carol? – does music flow through your veins?
You got that right!


How long have you been playing with your band? And was being a musician a childhood dream of yours?
You bet! I had piano lessons as a young girl and as the daughter of a musician I was at a lot of concerts. When I was 15, I discovered that drums and percussion were my passion. And I’ve been on the stage with various band projects ever since. It was clear from the beginning that this is the life for me! About 6 years ago, I started my solo performance “Drums Up” in which I play solo or together with different DJs.

Easy beats Carol - February 2017 - hair
© Florian Groehn

How many hours a day do you make music?
Music is my life – so, actually, non-stop!


It’s not easy to say what genre your music belongs to. How would you describe your style?
Powerful, energetic, yet sensitive. A mix of rock, pop and jazz.


What emotions do you want to convey to your listeners? What can your audience expect from you?
I want my drum playing to rouse emotions in the audience, to leave them spellbound by the power and joy of the music, to inspire them. Of course, I’m also happy if the people just get up and dance!


Do you have a fan base in Berlin and where in the city have you already played with your band?
I tend to gig in jazz clubs, for example in Berlin Mitte. This summer, we will also perform on some of the festival stages like the 48 Stunden Neukölln festival or the Konzertsommer im Englischen Garten. I also played recently with Max Herre in the Admiralspalast.


Where do you get your inspiration from? Who are your idols?
From life, from the other fantastic musicians, artists, venues. They inspire me and help me to find and express myself.


What can we expect from your new sessions series “Easy Beats by Carol”?
Starting in March, I will be playing my own sessions series at Vienna House Easy Berlin. Every 2nd Thursday of the month there’ll be live music with me on percussion and with various guest musicians. Every time will be different. I’m already looking forward to it!

Easy beats Carol - February 2017 - lobby

We’re so happy to be able to hear you and your power on the drums but also your voice at Vienna House Easy Berlin! Do you think that your style fits to Vienna House Easy Berlin?
I know it does! Every musician has his or her own touch and I choose my musicians accordingly. It will be a mix that will groove and swing! I’m sure this will be a fantastic event for the hotel guests, but also for locals and music lovers looking for the right kick for their night out in Berlin.


When do you start?
The premiere is in the lobby on Thursday, 9 March, from 8 to 10 p.m. The deli of Vienna House Easy Berlin will serve some good “Molle” (note: Berlinese for beer). It’s going to be great!


We think so too. Thanks a lot for the interview. We’re looking forward to your show.

Easy beats Carol - February 2017 - bar

Oh, and by the way… what we haven’t mentioned: admission is free and thanks to the small snacks in the deli nobody has to go hungry. Just what you’d expect from Berlin. So come on down for Easy Beats by Carol! As a real music fan, you might even discover Karoline to be your next favourite. Have you already heard her debut EP “Freier Fall”. Well you can check it out here. See you soon! At Vienna House Easy Berlin on 9 March at 8 p.m.

STAY Vienna House Easy Berlin, andel’s by Vienna House Berlin

Magazine prompter, limelight nudger, storyteller, lady of sound, little tweety bird behind the cameras – you might give Anita many names. But one thing is for sure: She is a passionate PR woman who loves sharing behind-the-scenes hotel stories with you.

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