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Lots to discover – Dresden

A walk through the city – discoveries in the land of plenty.

Dresden - November 2017 - 2

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»Wow«, »brilliant«, »beautiful« – the choice of words differs from generation to generation, but the enthusiasm is the same. We’re standing in front of the »most beautiful dairy in the world«. The proverbial land of milk and honey. The Gebrüder Pfunds dairy is a place full of stories and history. Just like Dresden. Here we fill up on local specialities before embarking on a stimulating tour through the »Florence of the Elbe«. In the words of one participant: »An awesome tour.« Too right!

Dresden - November 2017 - 5

Gebrüder Pfunds Dairy

Paul Pfund owned just six cows when he founded his dairy in 1880. Heart and soul of the business was and is the milk shop – complete with hand-painted tiles from Villeroy & Boch. Today Gebrüder Pfunds sells mainly cheese products made with raw milk. A special highlight is the cheese tasting.


Address: Bautzner Straße 79

Dresden - November 2017 - 3

Frauenkirche and Neumarkt

Few buildings in this world are truly sublime. The Frauenkirche church is one of them. Encounter and exchange play an important role here – with worship services, concerts and literature evenings. When reconstruction was completed in 2005, the surrounding Neumarkt square was roused from half a century’s sleep. New quarters are arising along old patterns in a refreshing mix of tradition and modernity. The fascinating façades are sure to give you a stiff neck.


Address: Neumarkt


Brühl’s Terrace and Dresden Fortress

Brühl’s Terrace is the most beautiful architectural ensemble along the shores of the Elbe River. Also known as the »Balcony of Europe«, the terrace was a private pleasure garden before it was opened to the public in 1814. Underneath lie some of the oldest Renaissance structures in the city. The underground fortress is a wonderful change of pace for anyone looking to discover Dresden from a different perspective. Here you’ll find the only surviving city gate, Dresden’s oldest stone bridge, guard houses, gun wharfs, battlements und casemates.


Address: Georg-Treu-Platz 1


Semper Opera House

Not just for opera fans. A guided tour through the Semperoper is an experience in itself. Germany’s most famous opera house is also home to the Saxon State Orchestra, one of the oldest and most renowned orchestras in the world. Built between 1838 and 1841 by Gottfried Semper, the building was destroyed during an Allied air raid in 1945. Exactly 40 years later, in February 1985, the opera’s reconstruction was completed and the new building was reopened. During the »Dresdner Festtage« in March 2010, the Dresden Peace Prize was awarded for the first time: to Mikhail Gorbachev.


Address: Theaterplatz 2


Dresden Cathedral

With a base measuring nearly 4,800 m², Dresden Cathedral is the largest sacral building in the state of Saxony. The crypt is the final resting place for 49 counts and kings – and for the heart of King Augustus the Strong. Also known as Katholische Hofkirche, the cathedral was built between 1739 and 1755 by Italian architect Gaetano Chiaveri in the Baroque style. An interesting bit of trivia: in Protestant Saxony, the construction of the church had to be planned in secret.


Address: Schloßstraße 24


Zwinger Palace and Gardens

The Zwinger is a city landmark and an important example of the late Baroque, a work of art encompassing architecture, sculpture and painting. The large garden offers itself for long walks past lawns, fountains and galleries. Built between 1710 and 1728 as an orangery and festival area for the Dresden Court, today it is home to the Old Masters Gallery, with the Sixtinische Madonna; the Royal Cabinet of Mathematical and Physical Instruments; and the Dresden Porcelain Collection, the largest and most important ceramics collection in the world.


Address: Sophienstraße


Blue Wonder and Suspension Railway

When it was built in 1893, the Loschwitz Bridge was a masterpiece of technology. This, and its light blue colour, gave the bridge its popular name. Blue Wonder is Dresden’s oldest bridge. Also worthwhile, not just because of the gorgeous views over the Elbe Valley and Dresden, are the two mountain railways. The world’s oldest mountain suspension railway, built in 1901, carries passengers up to the Hotel & Restaurant »Schöne Aussicht« in four-and-a-half minutes. Since 1895, a funicular railway has connected the borough of Loschwitz with the villa district »Weißer Hirsch«.


Address: Loschwitzer Brücke


Have fun!

Dresden - November 2017 - 1

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