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London and Coburg – A never-ending love

The snow falls quiet and soft on Veste Coburg. Below the majestic fortress, the town hall square glitters. People laugh and wind their way through the narrow streets with a Coburger bratwurst in hand. And inside the Veste? All is calm – the calm before the storm, you might say. Because 2019 promises to be exciting, eventful and anything but calm.


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Queen Victoria of Great Britain and her husband Prince Albert, the Brangelina of the 19th century, are both celebrating their 200th birthday in 2019. And you can celebrate along with Coburg’s historical dream couple.


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But why should you come to Coburg in person instead of just tuning in to the celebrity talk shows, historical documentaries and primetime films?


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You should know that Victoria is a very camera-shy person and only rarely gives interviews. Her husband even less so. During her nine pregnancies, there were times when they communicated through letters only because Victoria didn’t want to subject Albert to her mood swings.



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© Tieweng


In one of her rare interviews, Victoria revealed: “Were I not what I am, this would be my real home.” Good reason to see for yourselves what the Queen of Great Britain could find so fascinating about this little city in northern Bavaria.



In 2019, you can get intimate insights into Victoria and Albert’s life, including a guided tour by an expert on the royal family. This is a rare opportunity to get close to some of the biggest stars of the 19th century – don’t miss it!



Come and experience the royal splendour and beautiful architecture in Coburg, grab a juicy Coburg bratwurst on the go, and make Vienna House Easy your home away from home – only better. You’ll stay near the old town and can either walk there in just 10 minutes or go by bike.


© Tieweng
© Tieweng


And psssst… just a little inside information: Prince Albert was Queen Victoria’s cousin. But hey, love is a funny thing!



More information about the events surrounding the royal couple’s birthdays:

www.landestheater-coburg.de and




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