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Limburg – The City by the Lahn

Gaius Julius Caesar rested here in 55 BC. We decided to have a look around.


Good to know

The roots

Lintpuc was the name of the city as first mentioned in documentary evidence.

Limburg - December 2017 - 4

Römer 2-4-6

No, that isn’t a letter from an apostle, but rather the address of Germany’s oldest free-standing timbered house. Parts of the building have been dated to the year 1289! The name itself derives from the street designation and the house numbers.


Valueable history

Limburg Cathedral adorned the reverse of the 1000 DM bank note. The honour went to Limburg – from 1964 to 1992 – because the cathedral is a symbol of Germany’s Romanesque architecture.


Ave Ceasar!!!

After his Rhine crossings in the years 55 and 53 BC, Julius Caesar built a marching camp on Greifenberg above Limburg. The camp was excavated by archaeologists in 2012.


The beautiful river

246 kilometres: That’s the length of the river Lahn.

Limburg - December 2017 - 3

Big, bigger, appelwoi

In 2014, the glass blowers at Glashütte Limburg created the world’s biggest apple wine glass. The diamond-patterned glass is 75 cm tall, has a diameter of 50 cm at the rim and can hold about 80 litres of appelwoi.


Worth seeing

  1. Limburg Cathedral
  2. House of the Seven Vices
  3. Limburg Castle
  4. Statue of Saint John of Nepomuk
  5. Werner Senger House


Best to stay

Vienna House Easy Limburg


You’ve come to the right place. Right in the middle of Limburg’s historic old town. A central location from which you can explore the city on foot, by bike or even by canoe on the river Lahn, which flows through this town of historic timbered houses.

Limburg - December 2017 - 1

Hard facts

  • 99 rooms
  • 24/7 reception & bar service
  • 3 conference rooms for up 70 persons
  • Dogs are welcome

Limburg - December 2017 - 2

I am your local host and happy to deliver you personally hidden secrets.

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