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Let’s Greet the Sun, Shall We?

You won’t find inner peace using your GPS. Try yoga instead.

Yoga - August 2017 - 2

Today we’ll be bending over backwards. Literally. Physically. After all, yoga is a wonderful – and long overdue – timeout for Homo digitalis. A pleasant moment
that lasts as long as one session, brings about inner peace and creates a balance of body, spirit and mind. So. Yoga. With the growing importance of inner harmony and peace, this Indian holistic philosophy has been enjoying an increasing popularity in Europe. And no wonder. In an era when appointment books rule our lives and we barely have enough time between meetings to quickly check the flood of e-mails on our smartphones, casualties have to be expected. When your soul is suffering and your back is in pain, yoga seems like the perfect way out. A remedy that requires no fitness studio, but just a flat surface and a mat to practice on. If you’re curious and would like to try out crane, camel or cobra, then the Yoga Convention in Dornbirn on 3 September is waiting to welcome you with a Sun Salutation. Following the great success of the 1st Yoga Convention at Lake Constance last year, the event with internationally renowned yoga instructors is going into the second round. Time to start practicing the Sun Salutation to get us in the groove.


STAY | Vienna House Martinspark Dornbirn

Yoga - August 2017 - 1

The Sun Salutation – Step by Step

Sequence of Moves

1 Stand upright (Tadasana)
2 Breathe in – raise arms
3 Breathe out – hands to the feet (Pada Hastasana)
4 Breathe in – runner’s lunge
5 Breathe out – downward-facing dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)
6 Breathe in – high plank (Caturanga Dandasana)
7 Breathe out – knees, chest and forehead
8 Breathe in – cobra (Bhujangasana)
9 Breathe out – downward-facing dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)
10 Breathe in – runner’s lunge
11 Breathe out – hands to the feet (Pada Hastasana)
12 Breathe in – slowly stand up, briefly bend over backwards
13 Stand upright / mountain pose

Yoga - August 2017 - 3

TAKE PART | Yoga Convention at Lake Constance | 2 Sep. to 3 Sep. 2017
Kulturhaus Dornbirn
Rathausplatz 1 , 6900 Bregenz


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