• Mali Losinj - Hello Summer Part 1 - July 2015
  • Mali Losinj - Hello Summer Part 1 - July 2015
  • Mali Losinj - Hello Summer Part 1 - July 2015
  • Mali Losinj - Hello Summer Part 1 - July 2015
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Hello Summer, Part I: Croatian Island Aroma on Mali Losinj

A typical morning in Mali Lošinj: Breakfast is served directly along the car-free harbour promenade. The fishing boats return with their daily catch, dock, and unload the fresh fish in great crates. Day in and day out the same spectacle, and yet it never gets boring.

Romantic. Unspoilt. Fascinating.

With no end of little bays and coves, sweet idleness is the order of the day. Romantic, unspoilt beaches are easily reached from Mali Lošinj on foot or by car. The immaculately clean sea shines in azure, emerald, turquoise and many other shades of blue. Day in and day out the same array of colours, yet letting your thoughts drift on the clear waters also never gets boring.

Mali Losinj - Hello Summer Part 1 - July 2015
The romantic island of Lošinj in 2015 received the respected UNWTO Ulysses Award for Excellence and Innovation in Tourism. The project “Fragrances and Tastes of Lošinj” won third place among the world’s most innovative tourism projects.


The very good water quality around the islands of Lošinj and Cres explains the presence here of the last large groups of dolphins in the northern Adriatic. Because when it comes to water, dolphins are quite choosy and only absolutely clean water meets their standards for a perfect habitat. Visit the Dolphin Research Centre in Veli Lošinj to find out more about the life and behaviour of dolphins. You can even adopt one of these marine mammals as a way of contributing to their protection.

Mali Losinj - Hello Summer Part 1 - July 2015
Dolphins live close to Mali Losinj

207… sunny days

With about 207 days of sun a year, the weather is perfect for hikes, bike trips or leisurely walks in the healthy, iodine-rich sea air. Already during Habsburg times, visitors to Opatija knew the value of a restful stay by the sea and Mali Lošinj was designated a climatic seaside resort in 1892.

1,100… different species of plants

During the summer months, the scent of lavender and mint wafts through the air, carried by the refreshing sea breeze. The Cres-Lošinj archipelago is home to more than 1,100 species of plants, many of them with medicinal value.

220 kilometres… hiking trails

A fragrant stroll through Čikat Forest Park to Bocca False or along the coast from Mali to Veli Lošinj will purify your thoughts and strengthen body and soul. The network of hiking trails – totalling around 220 kilometres – allows visitors to explore the enchanting interior of the island.

Mali Losinj - Hello Summer Part 1 - July 2015
Enjoy the view after a hiking trail

Insider tips

  • Especially attractive are the trails from St. Nicholas’ Church through olive groves, pine woods and unspoilt nature to a number of different lookout points.
  • The island’s highest points afford a breathtaking panorama over a golden violet carpet of flowers that appears to lose itself in the eternal blue of the sea. This splash of colours is best enjoyed on a challenging yet well-marked hill walk from Osoršćica to Nerezine. This approximately ten-kilometre hiking trail leads along the island’s northern section and passes its highest peak, Televrin (588 meters). The view over the entire Lošinj archipelago and the Istrian coast is well worth the difficult climb.

Back to the roots…

Back in lively Mali Lošinj, the palm-lined harbour row turns into a bustling evening promenade where countless restaurants, cafés and bars invite you to end the day on a high note. Enjoying life as it comes, without a care in the world – this is where it happens.

I am your local host and happy to deliver you personally hidden secrets.

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