• Glove - February 2017 - Metall
  • Glove - February 2017 - Green
  • Glove - February 2017 - Leather
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During winter time you need more than just a light jacket for not freezing to death. Wraping up warm is the motto! Fingers and toes are the most sensitive body parts – good that there is something very helpful. Gloves are not only stylish but also vital.

Glove - February 2017 - Green

Lifestyle? Far from it! Glove wearers have their own personal style. Especially if the gloves are made by Roeckl. The acclaimed Munich-based gloves shop is a local designer, and not a mass lifestyle manufacturer. For six generations now, Roeckl has been handcrafting premium leather into men’s and women’s gloves. And top quality handbags.

Glove - February 2017 - Leather

Roeckl has been making gloves for more than 175 years. From luxurious materials. With the finest craftsmanship. Roeckl prides itself on following tradition. With its New Classic line, for example. Timeless design with a special water- and dirt-resistant finish.

Glove - February 2017 - Metall

All of Roeckl’s products have a superb finish that stands for the company’s declaration of love to tradition, quality and the perfect fit. The choice materials for its products include peccary leather, for example, which comes from a small South American species of pig. Peccary leather offers durability and high tensile strength. It is soft and supple. And thanks to its unique patterning, it makes for unmistakable gloves. The special Regina seam is another unique selling proposition at Roeckl and one of a kind worldwide. The seam is made up of small loops sewn together with a rubber band to create a bulging look. From men’s and women’s gloves to luxurious handbags to premium accessories such as silk foulards, Roeckl creations are among their wearers’ favourites. Otherwise the company would never have been appointed Royal Purveyor to the Court of Bavaria in 1893.

Glove - February 2017 - Poster

Roeckl products are everlasting companions. Roeckl doesn’t focus on bits and bytes, but on uncompromising quality.


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