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Getting through Christmas party without a hitch

The Christmas season is in full swing. The radio is full of traditional Christmas songs, the cities and towns are festively lit and companies everywhere are preparing for the social highlight of the year – the Christmas party. Loved by some, for others it lies heavily in the stomach like a greasy Christmas roast. Whatever your attitude towards the Christmas party, Vienna House has got 5 important survival tips for a beautiful evening with your colleagues.

Christmas Party - November 2017 -1

1. Smile, smile, smile …

So you’ve made it to the location – a wise decision. Now just put on your best smile and mix and mingle. For the more advanced: you could try chatting with someone outside of your department. This could lead to new contacts and you get to know your colleagues better. It’s always a good idea to have some good anecdotes and small talk at the ready.


2. Grin and bear it

The location is about as charming as a railway station? The boss has opted for the cheapest canapés? Keep your criticism to yourself and make the best of it. Even parties in the strangest locations can end up being a lot of fun. Go with it!


3. The heat of the battle at the cold buffet

Don’t forget your manners! Here are the most important rules: Work your way through the cutlery from the outside in. Each course has its own flatware, the dessert ware can usually be found above the plate, the bread plate is situated to the left. During the meal, the fork and knife shouldn’t touch the table cloth. And don’t speak with your mouth full! When the buffet is finally opened after the (often) long speech from the boss, you still need to be patient. Making a run for the buffet, cramming everything you see onto your plate and storing it at the table is not the proper way of going about things. Better to make several trips to the buffet and enjoying your meal course by course …

Christmas Party - November 2017 - 2

4. One too many

A good drink is right and proper. And there’s no harm done in toasting the past year with some champagne. But caution! Alcohol can be pretty treacherous. The best tip for getting through the evening without ending up in a drunken stupor is to drink a glass of water in between every two drinks. And keep moving – dancing is always an option. That way you’ll always be on the safe side.


5. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…

Perhaps the most important, golden rule for surviving the Christmas party. You saw the guy from accounting getting hot and heavy with the receptionist in the restroom? That can happen. Just don’t tell anyone about it the next day hot from the press by the coffee maker. DON’T. DO. IT. Not only will you humiliate your co-workers, you’ll also end up looking like a sensation-seeking gossip. And that’s not worth it.


If you follow these simple tips, getting through the Christmas party will be a cinch. And it’ll be fun, too!


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