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Czech Republic Food & Drinks

Food on wheels in Prague

Food trucks have become a fixture of eating on the go – and they’re here to stay. Sweet or savoury, vegan or with meat, food truckers are bringing colour into the lunchtime potpourri.

Street Food - May 2017 - Party

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They haven’t  conquered the world – yet. But no market, street festival or catered event is complete without them: food trucks. Though the word »truck« is a bit misleading. After all, a Piaggio Ape with three wheels and a Vespa engine is more of a rickshaw than a truck. The H vans from Citroën are slightly more compatible. The Chevrolet P30, the classic parcel van for the US postal services, is the closest we’ll get. But who in their right mind would want to become a food truck operator? First and foremost, food truckers have a background in modern cuisine; some even have experience as chefs. Now they’ve combined the stress of gourmet restaurants with a personal ambition for culinary creativity. Goodbye steady job. Hello being your own boss, serving up the best food- 2go.


The food truck crowd is also full of creative personalities trying to live the dream of localness, independence and sustainability. International cuisine also is a big player, with foreign spices and exotic ingredients that have yet to become familiar in Europe. Food trucks serve fancy burgers with top-quality local meat or vegan meals based on carnivorous cuisine. And dessert: delicious crêpes with sweet or savoury fillings, frozen yoghurts in umpteen variations, coffee whose only thing in common with the typical to-go cup is the name, dried fruits, wraps and local specialties with exotic fillings. Some food truckers go back to their own childhood, digging up Grandma’s old recipes and adding their own passion and love of detail to create a new specialty served in their rolling enterprise.

Street Food - May 2017 - Chips

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What all food truckers have in common is the goal to not only be different. But also better. Better ingredients, sustainably grown and sold locally. Some of the mobile entrepreneurs work together with small local shops; for example, to sell brownies with their very own special consistency. Little by little, the food trucks are conquering a market whose 2go quality had been mediocre at best. They serve up top quality for a clientele who like things fast and for take-away. But with taste and only the best ingredients.

Street Food - May 2017 - Coffee

© Noël & Grein, AT Verlag / www.at-verlag.ch

Full of life and with a local focus. Food truckers have a variety of different career paths behind them, yet all of them feel the calling to put quality into food2go.


Street Food in Prague

Trdelnik Pastry

This fluffy, hot pastries are baked before your eyes and sold fresh all over Prague. It is available with sugar, cinnamon, chocolate or coconut on top. Just look for the sign that depicts a trdelnik pastry – you’ll find them in Old Town and Mala Strana. This street food is perfect if you have a sweet tooth.


Fried Cheese Sandwich

Fried cheese! That’s heavan on earth! In Prague, you get this deliciousness served in a fluffy bun. Find the best ones at Wenceslas Square.


Burger à la Vienna House

Three in one? When it comes to burgers accompanied by fancy bread, sauces, salad leaves, homemade fried potato sticks – not your ordinary French fries! – and choice cuts of meat from sustainable farms, then the restaurant at Vienna House Diplomat Prague is the right place to be. Let’s be honest: We all feel like having fast food sometimes. And the only remedy is to give in to the yearning. But better than just any old fast food joint is the choice cuisine of Vienna House in Prague. They know how to turn a fast 2go meal into a sustainable and sustained taste experience. Excellent fast food served in an exquisite atmosphere.

Street Food - May 2017 - Burger

EAT & STAY | Vienna House Diplomat Prague

I am your local host and happy to deliver you personally hidden secrets.

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