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  • Fair away - September 2017 - 3
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Fa(i)r away – Tips for environmentally friendly travelling

Living sustainably isn’t just a matter of following the latest trends. It’s a conscious decision, if not a way of life. Nutrition, cosmetics and personal care, transportation and clothing – green thinking has taken root in all areas of our lives. Even travel is riding the green wave. What about you?

Fair away - September 2017 - 2

E-tickets instead of needless paper

Our lives are increasingly taking place online. So why not download travel tickets, hotel information and city maps onto your phone instead of printing them out? That way you save paper and produce less trash. All that paper could fill a whole briefcase anyway, and who wants to take that with them on their holiday?


Less is more

You can make a change even before you leave home – beginning with the choice of suitcase. The smaller your luggage, the smaller your environmental footprint. After all, less room means less shopping. And smaller luggage is usually lighter, which translates to fewer emissions when flying. Less is more!

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Drive, don’t fly

Travellers who want to be even more environmentally friendly will think twice about flying. Of course, flying still is one of the easiest ways to get from A to B, but you could apply the following rule of thumb: try to avoid flying when the distance to be covered is less than 700 kilometres. If you do fly, then you should plan to stay at least 8 days – 15 when the distance is 2,000 kilometres or more. For shorter trips, bus and train are pioneers in terms of energy savings. Here, too, a rule of thumb applies: the longer the distance, the better it is to take the bus.


Goodbye, plastic!

Sunscreen, body lotions, shampoo – products we use every day. They might be good for us, but they harm the environment if, as is often the case, they are packed in plastic. A sustainable solution would be to use refillable containers for care products when travelling. It’s also worth looking at the contents to differentiate between care products that are non-irritating and environmentally friendly from those that are veritable chemical bombs.


Bike instead of taxi

Getting from A to B in a city fast and comfortably doesn’t have to mean taking a taxi. Riding the public transport, you get a great feeling for life in a new city and get to where you want to go quick and easy. But the best way to explore a city is on foot or by bike. And what’s more: it’s good for you and for the environment.

By the way: many Vienna House hotels offer bikes for rent. Just ask at the reception.

Bike - September 2017 - 3

Green hotels

And then there’s the matter of choosing green accommodation. What’s important to recognise is that sustainability rests on three pillars: economy, environment and society. That means that sustainable hotels hire mainly local staff, offer fair work conditions, support social, energy and water savings projects, and serve food from the region.

Vienna House Andel’s Berlin was recently awarded Green Globe certification for sustainability.

You can expect:

  • use of local suppliers
  • green electricity
  • waste management
  • resource conservation
  • employee protection
  • charging stations for electric vehicles
  • and lots more!


STAY | Vienna House Andel’s Berlin

Fair away - September 2017 - 3

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