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Did you know that Yekaterinburg is the capital of Russian street art? Since 2010, the international festival “Stenograffia” has been taking place there every year. Artists from all over the world come to the Russian city to adorn the walls of the city with their creations. Timothy Rady, Pokras Lampas, Stas Bags, Milky count among the most famous artists. Do you want to see some of the most interesting graffiti in Yekaterinburg? Then get ready for our tour.

The Path to the Knowledge of the World

Artist Milky says that this place reminds him of those yards in New York where graffiti was born. Milky has dedicated his work to books, because they enlighten us, taking us closer to the “light”. Books are thus like a “ladder”.


Address: 49, Lenin Avenue

Sislyphean Task

The Façade of an apartment house  shows the “Sisyphean Task” of modern man as illustrated by Interesni Kazki. Everyone of us is faced with a huge amount of material things in life. They make up the “boulders” that we have to roll up a hill.


Address: 55, Sakko and Vancetti Streets


Bazhov’s Tales 

One of the most conspicuous graffiti is dedicated to the Ural writer Pavel Petrovich Bazhov. It shows the heroes of his most famous stories: “Mistress of the Copper Mountain”, “Silver Hoof”, “Sinyushka’s Well”, “The Malachite Casket”.


Address: 139, Bazhov Street



The founder of Stenograffia Festival, Eugeny Fateev, created  this art object called “Grater”. In the meantime, the Grater has become a functional object. It is dressed up as a New Year tree or even adorned for Halloween.


Address: 44, Malyshev Street


Artist Pavel Shugurov has portrayed the “Atlants” of Yekaterinburg holding up the bridge.


Address: 197, 8 March Street


Rubik’s Cube 

Ivan Yagoda created a very modern graffiti. It symbolizes the modern trend towards cosmopolitanism, the destruction of psychological boundaries between nations. On this dice, the Caucasian, Mongolian and Negroid races have been mixed.


Address: 11/1, Tkachey Street

Condensed Milk and a Warhol

Huge tanks for storing liquids turned into symbols of 1950s and 1960s: . the famous Soviet condensed milk, the most popular dessert among children and adults, and close by, we find Andy Warhol’s famous can of Campbell’s tomato soup.



Address: 2/3, Schwarz Street



One of the most interesting and extraordinary projects was created by the German artists Case and Wow123. They have created a huge project which connects two cities: in Yekaterinburg, their work shows  hands holding a paper airplane, and this same paper airplane lands on a high-rise in Magnitogorsk.


Address: 107, Sheinkman Street

And these are just a few of hundreds of stunning graffiti all over Yekaterinburg. Residents and visitors of the city have fallen in love with them, so that many creations now count among the city’s sights. Come to the capital of the Urals and have a look at its modern street art.

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