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Every year we celebrate the loveliest person in the world, mommy!

And every year again ..

..we’re a bit stressed because we’re buying the present for her at the last minute.


Here are a few last minute DIY tips for your favorite person of the world – homemade is simply nicer than the bouquet purchased😊


©Photo by Leonardo Wong on Unsplash
©Photo by Leonardo Wong on Unsplash

Bake bake a cake..

It tastes great and even daddy is happy (he’s principle feeling disadvantaged every year on Mother’s Day, you all know it;)):

Crafting fun for creative people

Wine pendant, scented candle, mini notebook .. all in one video. More creative ideas can be found on the channel of Jordan Clark, just beautiful!


A travel – because sharing time is precious

If you want to do something special, you should give your mommy something really precious: time! Spending time together and making experiences are important things in life. That’s why we have a special weekend deal for you. You can find all deals here.


Quality time means laughing

Ready, set, go to the popcorn machines! A mother-daughter / son-evening is also a great idea spending time together – so why you don’t make a movie night with popcorn at home and having some fun together?

Film tip, matching the theme:



And if you prefer to go to the cinema, here’s a new comedy which deals with a well-known women’s problem .. So funny! (also for the Gents) 😊




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