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Explore five unique dumplings across Europe

The dumpling hails from China but has been adapted by most regions of the world. We are showcasing Europe’s versions of the popular food…  

China’s Dragon Boat Races and Europe’s spin on the dumpling

Legend has it that Zhang Zhongjing, the “Medicine Saint” of China, created dumplings as early as 225 A.D. His creation inspired many variations from all regions of the globe. With its long and storied past, dumplings have been enjoyed around the world by billions of people. Nowadays every year on 9 June people around the world celebrate World Dumpling Day and Dragon Boat Races.

  1. Pierogi – the pan-fried dumpling

In countries such as Poland and the Czech Republic, the dumpling of choice is the pierogi. These dumplings are usually stuffed with potato, cheese, or sauerkraut, but if you prefer something sweet, you can order a pierogi stuffed with fruit. Pierogis are boiled and then pan-friend in butter with onions for a distinct taste.

  1. Kartoffelknödel – the potato lover’s dumpling

While on holiday in Germany, you can find this uniquely German version of the dumpling. The kartoffelknödel is a potato dumpling that pairs nicely with a meat dish. The dumpling contains raw and cooked potato stuffed with bread filling. This dish is famous throughout Germany, especially in the Bavarian city of Munich or the capital city of Berlin. Insider tip: check out the menu at andel’s by Vienna House Berlin or angelo by Vienna House Westpark and Leuchtenbergring – if you are lucky, you will find some to try :-).

  1. Pelmeni – the thin-skinned dumpling

Russia is famous for pelmeni. The pelmen’ is a rich dumpling that is traditionally stuffed with mushrooms, minced meat, or vegetable. They are known to have a thin skin surrounding the dumpling. Boiled in broth or baked in a potty, served with sour-cream, they are very popular during winter season. Ekaterinburg would be a perfect place to try the Russian version of dumplings.

  1. Uszka – the traditional dumpling of Poland

Uszka are most similar to the Polish pierogi. Uszka translates to “little ears” in Polish. Uszka is typically filled with minced meat and mushrooms and put into a soup. The uszka is a traditional dish that is served at Christmas Eve meals in Poland. This dumpling can be enjoyed in cities like Cracow and Lodz.

  1. Bryndzove Halusky – a classic Slovakian meal

If you happen to be on holiday in Bratislava, Slovakia, be sure to try Bryndzove halusky, a national dish in Slovakia. Potato dumplings are served with sheep cheese and sprinkled with bacon. It’s a truly Slovakian meal.

Halusky: traditional Slovak dish

And now, hungry? Don’t worry…. the next tasty meal (hopefully with dumplings!) is just around the corner (or hotel :-))…

Frank has a passion for travel, business and all things cultural! He’s lived in Asia, worked in America and experienced many adventures around the world! Frank is just as happy to be in any city as he is being out in the wilderness of the jungle or hiking up mountains. He’s also a big green tea and coffee drinker!

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