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Culinary insider tips in Günzburg

The picturesque town of Günzburg impresses visitors in a variety of ways, from historic buildings to Legoland Germany. But even nature lovers will get their money’s worth here thanks to the nearby riparian forests of Bavarian Swabia. And since Günzburg is situated directly on the Danube bicycle trail, the sport-minded visitor will also be happy. But what about gourmets? The Vienna House Easy Günzburg team is convinced: “Every taste will be satisfied!” Okay, but now for the specifics: How and where do people eat in Günzburg?


On the spur of the moment, Baris and Yvonne from the reception team swung into the saddle of their bikes and took us on a tour of their culinary favourites.


A good way to start the day

Café Kulisse – Marktplatz 9

If you like taking your time for breakfast, then Café Kulisse in the heart of the old town is the place for you. Café Kulisse invites you to enjoy a morning feast with a buffet prepared fresh every day. The first hunger should be satisfied, and the day can get started.

Especially during the warmer part of the year, the beer garden at Café Kulisse is the perfect place to enjoy a sunny afternoon or evening.

Culinary Günzburg - February 2018 - 6

Good plain cooking never goes out of style

Brauereigasthof zur Münz – Marktplatz 25

From asparagus to game and fish, Brauereigasthof zur Münz promises you down-to-earth, seasonal cuisine served in properly sized portions. Situated directly on the market square, the restaurant has three cosy lounges in which to savour your culinary experience. In the summer, the terrace invites you to enjoy your meal with friends, family or even by yourself.

Culinary Günzburg - February 2018 - 1

When it’s meat you need

Rizzo – Hofgasse 5

Rare, medium-rare, medium, well-done – Rizzo will satisfy your need for a meaty dish with steaks and other specialities from the grill. Authentic, cosy and unbelievably good. What are you waiting for?

Culinary Günzburg - February 2018 - 5

Aquatic specialities

Delphi – Marktplatz 15

Delphi lets you experience the taste of sunny days with a real holiday feel. This is the place to go for that Greek food you remember from your summer getaway. The traditional dishes, especially the fish, will put some Mediterranean flair onto your plate. Now who wouldn’t want that?

Culinary Günzburg - February 2018 - 2

Exotic tastes from the Far East

Safran – Marktplatz 20

A culinary extravaganza reserved for the Grand Mogul awaits at Safran, where Indian specialities are prepared fresh and to the individual taste. The tandoori and naan are a hot tip. By the way: Safran is Baris’ and Yvonne’s favourite dining establishment.

Culinary Günzburg - February 2018 - 4

Music bar with cult status

on the rocks – Hofgasse 3

This bar has been a fixture in Günzburg’s nightlife for years, serving an endless selection of cocktails in a friendly and familiar atmosphere. On a regular basis, on the rocks transforms itself into a club for live music. The focus then is on a certain sound of bygone days, when music was still music and not a computer game.

Culinary Günzburg - February 2018 - 3


I am your local host and happy to deliver you personally hidden secrets.

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