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California Dreamin’ – The taste of California in Cracow and Berlin

Summer ended long ago and it’s getting colder and colder outside… If you miss the high temperatures and the summer chillout atmosphere, then come to our new restaurant in the centre of Cracow or the one in Berlin. Mavericks will give you the feeling of being on an exotic vacation in California! Make sure to bring your friends! 


 “The West Coast has the sunshine”

California – the Golden State on the west coast of the United States, a mecca for hippies in the 1960s and 1970s, currently a favourite destination for surfers and anyone who is thirsty for sun and big waves. Not without reason, people regularly write songs about the West Coast and the term “California dreamin’” is used on a daily basis.


It’s not easy to describe California cuisine. It is a mixture of influences from American, Mexican and Mediterranean cuisine and in some cities, such as San Francisco, even from Asian cuisine! This diversity can be explained by the roots of California’s residents, whose ancestors came to America from all over the world. As you might guess, California cuisine is anything but boring, and its biggest advantage lies in its variety and the incredible combinations of flavours… Organic beef, seafood, exotic spices, all accompanied by fine California wines. California is a real culinary paradise where everyone can find something for themselves.


 “We’re out there having fun, yeah, in the warm California sun”

A healthy lifestyle, the essential element of a balanced diet, is very important on the West Coast. California is an agricultural state and supplies fruits and vegetables to the entire United States. The Golden State is dominated by fresh and seasonal products, and the dishes owe their lightness to vegetables and fruits of excellent quality. The chain of Mavericks restaurants is ruled by regionality and unusual combinations of flavours, like spelt salad with roasted lemon chicken… You can’t be indifferent about these menu items!

The most popular fruit in California is avocado, which is added to almost every meal. You can find avocado in scrambled eggs, sushi, salads, sandwiches, smoothies and even on pizza! Californians know what they do very well – avocado is a fruit that has amazing health properties: it lowers blood pressure, promotes weight loss and even has an anti-cancer effect! No wonder that this fruit is so popular. At Mavericks Berlin, for example, you’ll find a healthy alternative to the traditional dessert, namely, a sweet croissant with avocado! 🙂 Delicious, healthy and in California style!




Mavericks restaurants are dominated by the California lifestyle: healthy, organic and easygoing – digging into new tastes in a cosy atmosphere – no matter if you are in Berlin or Cracow. After all, there is nothing that better connects and relaxes after a long day than a meal with friends. That is why Mavericks Cracow promotes the idea of food sharing. Guests can choose between two tasting sets from the menu which are served in special large bowls or plates – so that everyone can try the food and share their experiences with each other. The dishes from the tasting menu are available for groups of at least 4 people and include two starters, two main courses, three side dishes and two desserts per person. The Tastes of California sets are available for PLN 90 per person.




 “Everyone I Meet Is from California”

California is also famous for its amazing design and innovative architectural solutions. Silicon Valley, home to the Facebook campus designed by famous architect Frank Gehry, is a perfect example. The list of architectural gems worth visiting is very extensive and includes the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Sea Ranch community and the industrial building of San Francisco tech company Gusto. The design of the Mavericks restaurants is inspired by the modern and functional California design. The casual atmosphere allows you to fully relax in the company of family and friends. Cacti, surfboards and bold colours will certainly boost your energy. Even during the cloudiest autumn days, the place will let you feel as though you are on a golden, sunny coast. At Mavericks, you can ride a culinary wave and try new flavours.


* If you want to get in a California mood, then listen to the songs. Just beware that the music will surely make you eager to explore California even more thoroughly !

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