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Bikes and beats – A Berlin bicycle fairytale

The best way to discover a city is by bike. And Berlin’s many sights and attractions, like Schlossplatz, Unter den Linden, Berlin Cathedral, the Wall or the Government District, can all be conquered by bike.

Berlin is a bicycle rider’s paradise: large, flat and with plenty of green

Even in the winter, cyclists can discover the best sides of Berlin. Leisurely bike rides lead through snow-covered Volkspark Friedrichshain, along the quiet side streets of hip Prenzlauer Berg or to the historic Gendarmenmarkt. So put on your bobble hat and discover Berlin on a tour of discovery with Secret Tours Berlin.

Berlin - Six Day - January 2017
© Kåre Dehlie Thorstad

On track 24/6

Spring or summer, autumn or winter, day or night – Berlin is a bicycle paradise at any time. Every year, from 19 to 24 January, the wheels get turning in the city. That’s when the world’s oldest six-day event brings together the international track cycling elite to the Velodrom in Prenzlauer Berg. For 6 days and nearly 24 hours a day, the world’s best racing cyclists compete for victory and glory.

Berlin - Six Days - January 2017 - Velodrom
© Kåre Dehlie Thorstad

From old to new

Long a tradition in the cycling world, this year will see the 106th edition of the Berlin Six Day Race. With new names, shorter and more audience-friendly races, and a high-spirited entertainment concept under the motto of bikes, beats and beer presenting live acts such as Turntablerocker and DJ Tomekk. In short: cycling for the pros, plus a colourful party zone for the rest of us. As part of the competition series, Berlin is the third stop after London and Amsterdam and the absolute highlight of the winter cycling season. The final race is scheduled for March on Mallorca.

Berlin - Six Days - January 2017 - DJ
© Kåre Dehlie Thorstad

Speaking of the rest of us

It’s not quite true that the track belongs to the professional riders only. For the first time in the history of the Berlin Six Day Race, hobby cyclists and young racers can also join in the fun. Rad Race – Last Woman / Man Standing pits 80 men and 20 women against each other. And the winners? They’ll be celebrating their victory in the nearby SKYBAR of andel’s by Vienna House with a view of the Velodrom and – oh, yeah! – all of Berlin. That needs to be repeated and if you’re good enough you’ll get a slot in the everyman race next year. PS: Tickets were sold out in 30 seconds this year!

Berlin - Six Days - January 2017 - Skybar
© Kåre Dehlie Thorstad

And where can you meet the top stars, Olympic winners, world champions and national title-holders?

Where else? The track is for the racers only, but right next door to the Velodrom at Vienna House Easy Berlin – the Official Riders Hotel of SIX DAY Berlin 2017 – you can meet all the biking greats like Kenny De Ketele and Moreno De Pauw of Belgium or German favourites such as Leif Lampater and Marcel Kalz. Just like that, in the breakfast restaurant at the coffee machine. Lovely, cozy, bright and easy – that’s just how the world’s best cyclists like it. In the 152 Easy and Lounge Rooms of the new hotel, they’re cuddled into their box-spring beds, right next door to you, resting to be fit for the next race. Big city feeling and cycle sport excitement, with the luxury of a hotel that’s just 5 minutes from the Velodrom.

Berlin - Six Days - January 2017
© Kåre Dehlie Thorstad

So… Did you get the message? Then get your hands out of your pockets, come to Berlin and swing into the saddle – perhaps on a tour of the city with Secret Tours. We’ll meet again in January 2018 at the next six-day event with stars and a marathon party – or just for a “Molle” (that’s Berlinish for beer) in Prenzlauer Berg.

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