Alice joined Vienna House in 2007 at the Corporate Sales Office Prague where she gained her experience from the sales department. A great experience for her was to cooperate with all Prague properties and meeting various personalities. Currently she is happy to be a part of the angelo by Vienna House Pilsen team.

Magazine prompter, limelight nudger, storyteller, lady of sound, little tweety bird behind the cameras – you might give Anita many names. But one thing is for sure: She is a passionate PR woman who loves sharing behind-the-scenes hotel stories with you.

Sparking a brand’s flame, giving it a face and shaping its personality, all the while striking the right chord to gain the attention of internal and external clients – that is Anne’s passion. Authentic and with a touch of folly!

Always lively and proactive. Passionate about the Polish Army. Always keeps her promises and looking for balance in the life.

As a communication manager she loves cats and the internet. That's the place to be to find the newest trends in fashion, design and inspiration for the next big trip around the world.

Creativity, unique guest experiences and a colourful workspace define Conny’s everyday hotel routine. In her job, she combines the love for her hometown Munich with an unrestrained passion for travelling and the urge to discover new places whenever possible.

Denisa joined the angelo hotel team as Executive Assistant in 2012. She loves her job because it gives her an opportunity to apply all her past experience from the reception desk, concierge services and the reservation department. Working with such a group of professional, friendly and creative people, you’ve just got to be happy.

In keeping with the motto “Get lost”, Eva is constantly exploring the world. She travels light and with her eyes open, wandering through villages and cities, forests and deserts, sunshine and snow. Along the way, she collects fascinating stories and amazing adventures.

Solo traveler, cat lover, amateur photographer, finance and accounting student. Ewa is Sales and Marketing Assistant in Vienna House. She loves new experiences, adventures and exploring new places (the more abandoned the better). Between creating sales reports and sending newsletters she loves to drink a lot of coffee and make her colleagues’ life more colorful with her singing.

Frank has a passion for travel, business and all things cultural! He’s lived in Asia, worked in America and experienced many adventures around the world! Frank is just as happy to be in any city as he is being out in the wilderness of the jungle or hiking up mountains. He’s also a big green tea and coffee drinker!

Jana Marie has worked for Vienna House Diplomat Prague as Executive Assistant since the spring of 2014. Her favourite activities include editing the hotel’s Facebook fanpage. She likes classical music and enjoys the rich cultural life in one of central Europe’s most beautiful and historic cities: Prague.

A young and ambitious girl, whose motto is “nothing is impossible”. In her free time, she values both meetings with her friends, as well as reading a book in the privacy of her home. Her passion is theatre, with which she has been connected for many years not only as a spectator, but as an actress, as well. Justyna has been cooperating with the Gry i Ludzie theatre in Katowice for over 10 years.

Likes when a lot of things are going on around. Fan of marketing, communication, online world and sport. In love with travelling. Can't stay in one place for long.

Ksenia is Vienna House’s marketing executive in Ekaterinburg, Russia, where the only Vienna House property outside of Europe is located. Travelling and exploring new lifestyles are the things that inspire her. When she has time, she spends it on hobbies such as diving and classical singing. She finds new ideas for her job by visiting all kinds of hotels and restaurants around the world.

Luminita is always in a good mood, full of positive energy and loves to get in touch with new people and experiences all over the world. In here freetime she relaxes in her garden, reads book or plays with her child and dog. Further she adores the mountains and great landscapes, but as well the beauty of the virgin beaches at the Black Sea. Lumi's homebase is Bucharest - a city full of discovery for everybody.

Meet Maarten. He's an exuberant Dutch, orange at heart and always in a good mood. On his free time he keeps his energy on high levels by playing his drums set. As a true explorer he's travelled the world, saw many places and met many different people so you might want to read his tips carefully and search for the next insider tip.

Two hearts are beating in Mareike’s chest: one for the mountains and one for the sea. That’s why she chose to live “in the middle”! She loves diving and all sorts of water sports. And – what a surprise – she is a passionate traveller. “Once a year, you should go someplace you have never been before!” This quote describes Mareike perfectly!

Marketa joined the Vienna House family in January 2016. Coming to us from one of our clients, she can see our services from both perspectives. She loves eating and travelling, although she prefers the Czech Republic and especially Prague. For her, Prague is the most beautiful city in the world.

Monika comes from Moravia in the Czech Republic, which has had a great influence on her sense of humor and has made her a real wine lover. She loves to laugh and is an optimistic perfectionist. Her hobbies? Travelling, swimming & skiing... and her job, of course!

As an Online Communication Coordinator and blogger she is always searching for new trends on the Internet. In her leisure time she finds quiet by travelling to foreign countries and, of course, in the surrounding of her family.

Robin is a 20-year-old globetrotter who simply loves traveling. He is totally in love with Berlin, summer, sunshine and beaches, always ready to pack up and enjoy new adventures anywhere in the world. And he’s a lover of pizza, Italian and Asian food, and all kinds of sweets.

'Smiling, giving and learning', this Roxana's motto . She is a passionate Sales & Marketing woman and likes to listen the stories of others and to be there for friends, colleagues and guests - almost 24/7.

The Vienna House PR lady has many interests: food, travel, fashion and architecture – you name it. In addition, Sabine’s one true love is the City of Love: Paris. So if you ever need insider tips on the French capital, you know who to turn to.

Simona enjoys discovering new and exciting places to explore, from cities to outdoor adventures! She spends her spare time co-presenting electronic music podcasts and she is fond of Eastern European cooking.

Simona is a Sales&Marketing Assistent at Vienna House Dvořák Karlovy Vary since February 2016. She loves travelling, spending times with friends, Italian wine&food and Ireland. She believes in truth, beauty, freedom and love!

Tom’s great interests are whiskey, rugby and Tina Turner. He has done his fair share of travelling, but nowhere quite compares to his home town of Cardiff. He’s slowly getting into cycling, but not lycra.

A lady with that certain something: Ula likes simple things, black coffee and rock music as well as meeting new people. She loves good food and modern art. You’ll often find Ula exploring the vibrant city of Lodz, as she’s charmed by its energy. andel’s by Vienna House Lodz, with its people and ambience, is her favourite place on earth.