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ArtNight – Or how a bit of creativity can inspire your heart

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Banksy in pocket format

Nina is a redhead, good-looking, spirited, an artist. More specifically: an illustrator for Cosmopolitan and Vogue. On the side, Nina coaches people who enjoy art, events and a blend of creativity and socialising that goes by the name of ArtNight. Called into life as a Berlin start-up in late 2016, the premise behind this workshop with the tagline “Your Experience, Your Artwork” is that there’s a Banksy or Picasso inside all of us and that painting in a group simply is fun. At least for one evening. That’s relatively new, simple and a far cry from just painting by numbers.

Art Night - December 2017 - 3

A win-win for all

“You’ll find us in more than 30 German cities,” says Nina. The Munich native, who has lived in Prenzlauer Berg for nine years, is one of the “resident artists” of ArtNight. The start-up also sees itself as a talent scout and supporter of the local art scene. Tonight Nina’s group consists of a dozen art lovers between 16 and 60 years of age, more women than men. That’s pretty usual, says Nina, but it also depends on the theme. The basic principle: choose a course online with names like Frida Kahlo, Star Wars and Paint Like Van Gogh or themes like the Berlin skyline and Paris. Participants get a poster-size prepared canvas, paint and brushes, as well as stylish smocks that, unfortunately, are not included in the price.

Art Night - December 2017 - 2

Painting is good for your soul

The workshop doubles as a social get-together at no extra charge. The location always includes a cool bar, café or restaurants where you can continue to socialise when the work is done. Because there’s no time for drinks and small talk while you’re painting. That becomes clear as soon as you place the first brush stroke. Depending on one’s dexterity, painting is something that requires absolute concentration, but which caresses the soul – especially when you’re nearing the finish. “Look at it this way,” says Nina. “You’re taken out of your routine for a couple of hours, you create your own work of art, no phones are ringing, there’s nothing to distract you.”. There really can be no denying a certain wellness effect and a clear, collective satisfaction that helps to create a sense of belonging. Us artists!

Art Night - December 2017 - 1

Painting is the new paintball

The ArtNights are open to all, but you can also book your own private art party. As part of a company event (“We’ll turn your office into a studio.”), a bachelor party with adult themes or as a creative children’s birthday. Whatever your choice, ArtNight will get you moving, physically and mentally, and at the end you’ll be the proud owner of your very own picture for a course fee of 34 euros. Accompanied by that great feeling of making good use of your time and of having created something – even if it is just traced and copied. A counterfeit, but at least a real fake. In addition to Berlin, courses are also offered in the Vienna House destinations of Braunschweig, Dresden, Leipzig, Munich and Trier. Further information, event times and themes are available at: www.artnight.de.


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