About Us

A zest for life and unusual destinations

From the Amber Coast in Poland to the Austrian spa region. From Paris, the City of Love, to Ekaterinburg in the Ural Mountains: Vienna House – exciting hotels with a passion for details.

In this blog, we present personal and authentic insights: from an interview with the CEO to talks with people and colleagues who accomplish great things that are not visible to guests in the day-to-day hotel business all the way to local insider tips, exciting news and important information about holiday and business locations from the Vienna House portfolio.

Vienna House is about the beautiful aspects of life – about music, culture, design and a joy for living. Discover unusual destinations and local peculiarities and have unique experiences. It is about simple and real pleasures that are presented in a pragmatic and unpretentious way. And last but not least, it is about the passion for details – from the thoughtful arrangement of decorations to authentic employees assisting guests anytime with useful tips, help and advice.