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A 21st Century Treasure Hunt – Coburg

Geocaching. When the whole world becomes a treasure island.


If you’ve ever turned over your garden with a shovel, then you can imagine how exhausting a real treasure hunt can be. But no worries: The benefits of the digital world are helping to make even this prototypically analogue form of asset accumulation a bit more agreeable. Instead of shovels and spades, geocaching (a.k.a. Treasure Hunt 2.0) uses a GPS device and the precision of global cartesian coordinates. All over the world, »owners« hide caches containing a logbook and little toys or trinkets to trade. Willing geocachers load the coordinates for a cache from the geocache community page onto their GPS device – and the treasure hunt begins. Important rule: If you find a cache, you may take one of the trinkets if you leave behind another item of similar or higher value.

Coburg - August 2017 - 4

More information: www.geocaching.com


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Best of Coburg Tour

Duration: 2 hours

Coburg - August 2017 - 1

1. N 50° 15.321 E 010° 57.888

The outer city gate, built in 1303, is full of surprises. Look for one next to the stairs.

Address: Ketschentor, Casimirstraße 11


2. N 50° 15.430 E 010° 58.006

If you’re looking for a cache at St.Moriz Church, try checking behind the stone tablet.

Address: St. Moriz Church, Pfarrgasse 7


3. N 50° 15.452 E 010° 58.051

The actual gate was torn down long ago. What remains is a cache beneath the ivy on the wall.

Address: Steintor, Steingasse 24


4. N 50° 15.500 E 010° 57.880

Congratulations! You’ve found a webcam cache. Stand in front of the camera, take a picture – and log it.

Address: Market Square, 96450 Coburg

Coburg - August 2017 - 3

© Tourismus Coburg

5. N 50° 15.512 E 010° 57.759

Underneath the small stones at this preserved inner city gate, a cache comes to light.

Address: Judentor, am Viktoriabrunnen 1a


6. N 50° 15.607 E 010° 57.903

One of three remaining city gates, once a part of the city wall. Where the cache is? Here’s a clue: It’s a good place for phone calls.

Address: Spitaltor, Spitalgasse

Coburg - August 2017 - 2

7. N 50° 15.748 E 010° 57.838

Not just for letters and packages. Also a good hiding place for a cache.

Address: Main Post Office, Hindenburgstraße 6


8. N 50° 15.768 E 010° 57.488

The train station, built in 1857, isn’t just for coming and going. It’s also a nice place to hang out. And to look for a cache.

Address: Railway Station, Lossaustraße 6


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