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8 facts about Polish business travellers

Polish people travel often, but for a short time. They do it in grand style. What factors are most essential for them when choosing accommodation? What is most important during their stay at the hotel? Where do they work and how do they spend their time? We asked our clients and business partners about their habits and preferred standards during business trips. This is what we have found out:

1. Frequent, but short trips

Almost half of the respondents embark on a business trip over 7 times a year, and three in ten – 4 to 6 times. In most cases, these are short trips – for 1 or 2 nights. Almost 4/5 of the people surveyed responded so.

Poles in business trips - infographic 1
Poles in business trips – infographic 1

2. High, but not executive standards

Almost half of Polish travellers stay in 4- or 5-star hotels. However, they very rarely choose upgraded rooms (only one in ten choose an Executive room).

Poles in business trips - infographic 3
Poles in business trips – infographic 3

3. Independent decisions, booking via booking platform or hotel’s website

Surprisingly enough, Polish travellers (over half of them) usually decide about their accommodation, choose a hotel and book a room on their own. Nearly 1/3 book a room via the website of a hotel they fancy the most.

4. It is the location, not the price, that determines the choice of a hotel

For almost 4/5 of the respondents the most important factor when choosing a place of accommodation during business trips is the location. Less than half attach importance to price, but only 1/5 of the people surveyed choose a place of accommodation on the basis of opinions of other guests on the Internet.

Poles in business trips - infographic 2

5. Location as well as friendly staff and atmosphere

Our respondents were asked to evaluate importance of such issues as the room standard, free WiFi, wellness&fitness, F&B services, location and friendly atmosphere. It turned out that for the vast majority of them the location is of key importance (for almost 98% this issue is very important or important). Friendly staff play a vital role for over 90% of the people surveyed. Free WiFi is very important only for two in three respondents.

6. F&B services are not of key importance, but almost half of Polish travellers go to the hotel bar

Only 1/5 of the respondents admit that F&B services are very important when they stay at the hotel, but nearly half have breakfast and go to the hotel bar. Every third respondent opts for lunch or dinner at the restaurant.

7. Polish travellers work in rooms, but they would be willing to use the co-working area

Over 1/3 of the respondents admit that if the hotel lobby had a special friendly area, they would be glad to work in this open part of the hotel. Currently, every fifth Polish traveller uses the „Executive Corner“ – special business area with computers, printers, good coffee and tasty snacks. It shows that Polish travellers agree with the statement of the Vienna House’s CEO that „a lobby is the heart of the hotel“.

Poles in business trips - infographic 4

8. Half of the Polish people travelling for leisure come back to the hotels in which they stayed during business trips

It seems that we prefer places we know, especially when we have lots of happy memories of them.

See the infographic about the survey: INFOGRAPHIC.

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