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100-50-30-10, Berlin is celebrating

Things are going to get really exciting this year and you’ll be sure to hear one or two champagne corks popping in the capital city party crowd on your next visit to Berlin. For the whole of Germany, but especially for Berliners and anyone who is drawn to the German capital in 2019, this year promises to be full of eye-catching events and lots of special parties.

Panorama_Berlin, Copyright visitberlin
Panorama Berlin, Copyright visitberlin

Here is just a tiny handful of colossal and noteworthy anniversaries that you shouldn’t miss out on. So come on down and experience them for yourself, live and in full colour!


Bauhaus turns 100
A lively school of ideas, a laboratory for experimentation in free and applied art, design, architecture and educational theory. Today, Bauhaus remains a never-ending inspiration for architecture lovers around the world. Germany is celebrating 100 years of Bauhaus and Berlin is joining in the party. Don’t miss the Bauhaus Week Berlin festival from 31 August to 8 September. A shop window exhibition in Charlottenburg’s Kantstraße and a glass pavilion at Ernst-Reuter-Platz within sight of the Victory Column show the history and the modern Bauhaus town planning in the middle of Berlin’s metropolitan traffic. Admission is free. 😉

Bauhaus Berlin, Copyright Philip Koschel
Bauhaus Berlin, Copyright Philip Koschel

Berlin’s highest disco ball turns 50
That’s right, we’re talking about the Berlin Television Tower, which has also been compared – both affectionately and disparagingly – to a toothpick and an asparagus. But Berliners don’t care what you call it, as long as the tower rises up above Alexanderplatz proud as ever. On the day of German Unity, the TV Tower celebrates its 50th anniversary after opening in the year 1969. How fitting! And befitting Berlin, that is celebrated too. Joining in the fun will be all the tower tourists. Every year they come to cast their gaze from the spinning globe on the ever-changing city. This year the 368-metre tall “Alex” will welcome them in an especially festive manner. Will you be one of them?

Berlin TV tower and Ampelmann, Copyright Pierre_Adenis
Berlin TV tower and Ampelmann, Copyright Pierre Adenis

Celebrating 30 years without the Berlin Wall
The year 1989 was an intoxicating vintage in pop music. Madonna provoked with her lascivious video performance in “Like a Prayer”, Roxette gave us the earworm “The Look”, and Kaoma sent hips gyrating all around the world with “Lambada”. Historically, the year was a blast too, because Berlin showed the world that united it falls. Euphoric and loud, Berliners and Germans are celebrating 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. And you’re invited! Stroll your way through the exhibitions along the old route of the wall or visit a real “wall hit” on 3 October – the “30 Years After” Party in der Mercedes-Benz Arena. Get down to funky 80s hits by Dieter Bohlen and Boney M, but also from David Hasselhoff with his “Looking for Freedom”. Fun and good times are guaranteed!

Berliner Mauerpark_Copyright G. Steffen
Berliner Mauerpark, Copyright G. Steffen

10th anniversary of Vienna House Andel’s Berlin
Not at all unimportant for a trip to Berlin is finding the perfect hotel, the cosiest bed, the best views over the city, with the most enjoyable dinner in the Skykitchen or Loft14. All this and more awaits at Vienna House Andel’s Berlin on the border to the districts Friedrichshain and Prenzlauer Berg. We’re in a party mood, as you will soon notice. So bring along your extended family of friends and loved ones to Berlin and eat your way to the sunny side of life at the California-style restaurant Mavericks with up to 14 persons for the price of 10.

Mavericks Family Style Dinner, Copyright Vienna House
Mavericks Family Style Dinner, Copyright Vienna House

Now you’re probably thinking: Wait a minute… that’s it? Not at all! We hope you’ll forgive us for omitting anniversaries such as the 250th birthday of naturalist and explorer Alexander von Humboldt, the 200th birthday of novelist and poet Theodor Fontane, and the 5th anniversary of Germany’s World Cup victory. Click here to find out more about the highlights in 2019. You know there is always something to celebrate in Berlin. But come, see and discover for yourself.
STAY | Vienna House Andel’s Berlin

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